If you are an airsofter, you will need an airsoft gun for playing the game. Spring Airsoft Guns are no doubt the best weapons if you want to get into some exciting airsoft games. They are durable and provide a vast shooting range at high velocity.

Today, these guns are available in different types and designs. They are made up of plastic or metal. Some are a combination of plastic and metal. Airsoft guns are a great addition to your collection if you want to feel a real-life shooting experience. These guns utilize the power of a spring to shoot bullets. They work on mechanical power which means they have to be cocked back (pistol) or set in place with a bolt action (rifle).

Features Of An Airsoft Gun:

Airsoft guns come with different features that make them unique guns. Some of those features are as follows:

Full And Semi-Automatic Mode:

Fully automatic guns can continuously shoot bullets until you press the trigger to stop firing. On the other hand, the semi-automatic gun will only fire one bullet at a time when you press the trigger.

The fully automatic guns are also known as machine guns. They are the most complicated and advanced types of guns. The fully automatic feature is only available in electric and gas-powered guns and it is not available in spring airsoft guns as it requires cocking of the trigger every time you want to shoot.

Blowback And Non-Blowback Mode:

The blowback characteristics make the gun more realistic as due to this feature the gun recoil which creates the Action & Reaction phenomenon. While in the non-blowback mode, the gun does not recoil hence does not give a realistic experience.

When we talk about the performance, the non-blow back gun is better as it saves the air and uses it to provide momentum but on the other hand, the blow-back gun uses this air to produce the recoil effect. The blow-back gun is fancy and more real looking while the non-blow-back gun works efficiently.

Single Action And Double Action Mode:

Using a single action mode, you have to cock the hammer every time you pull the trigger to shoot. But in double-action mode, the hammer should be cocked only once as it will be automatically cocked the next time you pull the trigger. The airsoft guns having double-action mode can perform faster than single action one as they have a longer trigger pull.

Types Of Airsoft Guns:

The most basic types of airsoft guns are:

Electric Powered Airsoft Guns:

Electric Powered Airsoft guns are operated via battery. They are very realistic looking guns that are why used extensively by players. They come in both fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. You have to keep spare batteries with you as they are operated by batteries.

Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns:

Gas-powered CO2 airsoft guns are operated via a spring mechanism. They make use of gas tanks to create momentum to the projectile which ten pushes the bullets through the barrel and fires off into the air. These guns don’t have any batteries as they operate with the help of gas cartridges.

Gas-powered guns use CO2 also known as green, red, or black gas. You can use any type of gas cartridges, but some guns only work with a specific type of gas so always check your gun before buying the cartridges.

Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns:

Spring Airsoft Guns are operated via a spring mechanism. They don’t use any batteries or gas cartridges to operate. They are very easy to use and even kids can use them. It is easy to maintain them but they don’t look realistic.

You have to cock it every time you are about to shoot with them so it looks unrealistic. These guns are not very expensive compared to other airsoft guns. But some of them like rifles and snipers are costly too.

Origin of Spring Airsoft Guns:

As all the airsoft guns are replicas which come from the origin. The origin of spring guns is a rifle. Rifles are being used throughout history. Some oldest types include lever action and bolt action.

All rifles have usually common mechanisms of coil springs. And, spring airsoft guns also work on the same mechanism. This gun is considered to be the oldest among airsoft guns just like the rifle is the oldest in all weapons.

Technology Used In Spring Airsoft Guns:

With the advancement of technology day by day, we can see that the bullets used in these guns are fake. They are not genuine metal bullets and do not cause any injury. The bullets are also known as BB's. The silencer is also used in these guns to kill the sound of the gun. So, the gun becomes silenced that is best for gamers as their position remains hidden during any game.

Uses of Spring Airsoft Guns:

As we all know that all airsoft guns are mostly used for gaming purposes. Thus, spring airsoft guns are also used for this purpose. People who are into games and airsoft sports usually keep these guns as they are much cheaper than the other ones.

Apart from sports usage, this gun is also used in the entertainment industry such as TV shows and movies. These replica guns are very helpful in making the scene realistic instead of using computer graphics.

Another great use of these guns is for military training. These guns are widely used for training purposes as they are a safer option without any damage. Using real guns for training will be a very costly and serious risk too. Airsoft guns are best for this purpose and among them, spring airsoft guns are more popular because of their accuracy and great precision.


Spring Airsoft guns are available in various designs and types. In this article, we have discussed the features and basic mechanisms. Therefore, if you want to experience a realistic shooting experience, you can buy this gun according to your need. You can enjoy target shooting with these guns.