Everything to Know About Sally Face Mask

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, TV show, comic book or video game. It is used for discussing fashion and social trends by wearing different costumes such as a cosplay mask. There are other terms that can be applied to cosplay such as "costume play," "cosplaying," and "cospiring". Although these words vary in their meanings they all relate to the idea of dressing up in costume. 

The word cosplay was originally coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi and first appeared on November 17th 1992, when he used it during an interview with Cressey & Co, Inc.  This term is commonly used interchangeably with "costume play" or "costume role play. This is because cosplayers wear costumes, but it does not strictly mean that all cosplayers wear costumes.

Cosplay costumes are used for different reasons: some people use them for fun, some use them to express how much they like a particular character or series and some use it to represent the character they want to be. 

Cosplayers usually portray characters from Japanese comics (manga), anime, sci-fi movies and video games. Cosplay is popular in Japan and has spread to other countries. In the USA a survey done by the performing arts organization FanCons.com says that 40 percent of 1200 respondents attended a cosplay convention.

Cosplay Mask: Introduction

These masks are usually used during conventions and events to represent a specific persona or character. They can take the form of movies, comic books, television shows, video games or other types of popular culture genres. They're often made from paper mache, latex and vinyl materials with various methods to make them appear as realistic as possible.

In an effort to avoid potential copyright issues on commercially-made designs or mascots, many cosplayers make their own custom masks and cosplay weapons in a variety of styles that can be adjusted and tailored for each individual's needs. These often involve many hours of painstaking labor, during which they can be made from almost any material available.

For those particularly well-versed in anatomy and engineering, there are opportunities to make a cosplay mask out of more advanced materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. However, these masks can often cost hundreds of dollars and are not as realistic or as durable as other materials.

Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials for crafting these masks due to its lightweight nature, its ability to be worked by hand during numerous layers until it becomes rigid, adjusted with a variety of different adhesives and its ease in shaping in order to get the desired effect.

Features of a Sally Face Mask

A sally face cosplay mask is a type of mask that has a large smiling face usually molded in rubber. It is worn over the top of one's head and gives an exaggerated happy expression, often with exaggerated and wide open eyes. Sally face masks were popularized by the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland-themed parties.

The sally faces are typically designed at larger sizes to match the size of adults or children. They can also be made as smaller versions for cosplayers who aren't quite as tall or who aren't wearing costumes that display their faces so prominently.

The appeal of the sally face and other large-faced masks is the larger proportions of the face. These make it easy for people to recognize each other, even from a distance.

Sally face rubber masks are used frequently in commercial establishments, such as restaurants or retail stores to add a silly element to a space, or to make a fun promotional mask that customers can take home as part of an advertisement. They are also used in Halloween parties and Mad Hatter-themed events.

Why Wear a Sally Face Mask For Costume?

Do you have the perfect cosplay outfit, but the perfect Sally face mask just doesn't seem to exist? Maybe that simply isn't your style, or maybe you're doing an improvised Cosplay. Regardless of the reason, it's never too late for you to start looking for a cool sally cosplay mask! 

  • The Same Face Every Time!

With the "Same Face, Different Costume" idea you can use a Sally face mask to keep your face looking the same in every photo. This is a big advantage when you're cosplaying multiple characters at once and want pictures with all of them, or perhaps need to go back to the same stand in and get them all together. In the photo they will all have the same face!

  • No More Makeup? No Problem!

If you don't feel like putting on makeup, or maybe you just want something different, it's never too late for a Sally mask. A Sally mask is an easy way to keep your skin looking natural and free of makeup; this because the mask covers everything except your eyes. 

In addition, a good Sally cosplay mask can be worn multiple times and it will still look great. Even if you go at it with a napkin or tissue, it will still look great as long as you don't put makeup on it! So if you're sick of trying to keep that makeup looking just right, then a Sally face mask is what you need!

  • Hides That Stubborn Hair!

The obvious thing about wearing a mask for cosplay is that your hair is going to be hidden. So hide the hair you want to hide! If you're going for that smooth, feminine look, then a Sally face cosplay mask is a perfect solution. It can cover thick or thin hair and still leave your face looking nice and smooth. 

A Sally face mask can even hide your hair if it's long; don't worry too much about whether or not you will be able to see it through the eye-holes. It will be fine. You may even find yourself having fun playing peek-a-boo with your friends!

Best Cosplay Mask Among All!

If you're a fan of anime or manga, then odds are that at some point you have come across Sally from the Revolutionary Girl Utena series. This little girl has only made a handful of appearances in anime and manga but still managed to become one of the most popular characters from the show. She's so popular in fact, that she has been turned into an Internet meme with her own song! 

People don't only love Sally because she is seen as the cute and harmless little sister to Utena, they also love her because she is one of those rare characters who wears a cosplay mask. And when it comes to these masks, sally masks are some of the most timeless and beloved ones out there.

The mysterious nature of the sally masks led to a lot of speculation, with many people even believing that the character doesn't actually have a face. The masks are a huge hit in cosplay and they're surprisingly simple to make as well. In fact you can make your own sally mask without any prior experience in arts or crafts.