Have you ever wondered why police officers carry batons, or night sticks on their belts? One would usually expect the best first line of defense to be a gun, but there's a reason why batons are so widely used and popular, both in police and non police carriers.

Police officers usually carry batons to use if civilian gatherings or assemblies go awry. 

They are non-lethal weapons, although if used hard enough can cause serious long lasting injury or even fatality. Batons are recommended to use in self defense and are easy to activate if under attack.

Expandable Police Batons come packed in a sheath or pouch and can be attached to your belt loop. They come in different sizes that open to 16 Inch Baton, 21 Inch Baton, 26 Inch Baton or 32 Inch Baton. They are made of non glare coated steel and all have rubber covered diamond print handles to ensure a good grip.

How to use Expandable Batons:

Follow the procedure and steps below to practice using expandable batons:

  • Keep at entry points of your house, in the car, or on your belt. If being attacked, remove weapons from casing. 
  • Maintain a good grip on your weapon and flick your wrist to expand the telescopic baton. 
  • Aim for the attacker's weapon to disarm him.
  • Then use to strike your assailant on his head, arms, legs, ribs and wrists, aiming for the bony parts of his body. 
  • Some more key points to strike can be the shins, mid thigh or the backs of his hands. 
  • Muscular hits will hurt, but bony hits will be more effective.
  • Once the attacker is weakened, make sure to run quickly to safety and call for help.
  • The baton can also be used to block hits and kicks to protect yourself.
  • Simply hold the two ends of the baton in both of your hands and you are set.

You can close your Expandable baton by striking it against the ground to initiate retraction. Repeat until all sections have returned to its original closed form.

Reasons to Use Expandable Batons for Self Defense

One of the great things about this weapon is that it can create an element of surprise, as an attacker may not be expecting to see this weapon - that is if you keep it hidden. 

Don't get me wrong, it will serve to be a deterrent to any burglar or bad guy if you display it on your belt. It expands quickly and easily and can be concealed with no problem. 

Another key reason to use expandable baton for defense is the extended reach. Because its length can be enhanced, you can counter the attacker from a distance. You can stay at a safe distance from the attacker and do the damage! 

Batons looks unassuming but can cause a lot of damage, while not needing to be reloaded or maintained in any way. They are sturdy and affordable. Make sure to practice at home to get your technique right.

Learning different self defense techniques with expandable baton by practicing the steps we mentioned above. This is the best way to defend yourself against the attackers. So, stay safe by using this spectacular weapon for self defense.