Fantasy Daggers

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X Claw Dagger With Plaque - Silver Blades
2H2-YC-064S - This unique X Claw piece features three silver, razors sharp, 440 stainless steel blades connected to a genuine iron handle with the X logo
$27.98 $19.99
In Stock.
Saber Knives - Carry A Medieval Tiger Around With You
Riddicks Saber Claw the new silver blade version. 12" overall with custom magnetic display stand. Stainless steel construction.
$48.98 $34.99
In Stock.
X Claw Dagger Fantasy Dagger Unsharpened Edge Movie Repica Collectible
X Claw Dagger Fantasy Dagger Unsharpened Edge Movie Repica Collectible. 10.5 Inches overall in length.
$19.76 $14.11
In Stock.

Fantasy Daggers - Walk Around With a Medieval Dragon

A few of our fantasy daggers are designed mostly as a collector’s Item or A Performance Prop! Not all of our fantasy daggers are blunt and just for collection purposes, we also have replicas that can do some damage. Black Saber Claws, also known loosely as ulak, are replicas patterned after the hand-held blades that the convict Riddick used to devastating effect in his escape of the planet Crematoria, during the course of the film Chronicles of Riddick.

Fantasy Daggers - Make a Statement, Purchase Our Blade

In the hands of Richard B. Riddick, these claws were devastating tools, capable of slicing, dicing, and decapitating with ease, giving them a fearsome and well-deserved reputation. This is even more of a reason why you should add one- or two to your collection. These replicas are made entirely from 420J stainless steel, which have been given a blackened finish to really enhance their look. They are, of course, full-tang design and possess ray skin wrapped grips for comfortable, easy, and fun handling. You don’t deserve to refer to yourself as a collector if you do not own one of the fantasy daggers available on Knives Deal. Go ahead and purchase one, I’ll wait. At Knives Deal, we love you for who you are! 

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