Finger Knife - Beauty Can Be Deadly

Black Iron Reaver Claw Finger Armor Knife 5 1/2" overall, 2" 440 stainless steel blade.
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Part Number: 6B0-MC-1026
Features: 5.50 inches overall length
2 inches overall blade length
Made of cast metal
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Now the knife is wearable. Yes, you can wear this finger knife on your finger and walk with a solid weapon worn on your hand. From a beautiful knife to a deadly blade, it has everything to offer. Get this knife and wear it around your finger and stay equipped with a beautiful self defense weapon. 

Designed like a ring, you can easily wear this on your finger and use it for any purposes you want. The blade is made of 440 stainless steel and can be a deadly weapon you can use to battle the attackers. Hence, it is a magnificent self defense weapon!

This is not a massive knife, rather it is a finger knife. The length of the blade is no more than 5.50 inches. The length of the blade is slightly more than 2 inches. It is made of cast metal and is a beauty! 

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