Fixed Blade Knives - Carry A Badger On Your Person

This Collector's Eagle Dagger Has A Metal Eagle's Head With An Eagle Scene On The Handle And Scabbard And A Stainless Steel Acid Etched Blade. 11-1/4" Overall 6" Blade
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Part Number: 5H1-KS-4850W2
Features: Blade length is 8 inches long
Imitation ivory eagle included
Includes a full color artwork
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Do you know why we love fixed blade knives? Here’s a hint, everything about the construction of this knife screams beast. You know you’re in trouble when your attacker wields this knife, not only do they have an edge over you; this knife just ensured that this would be an uphill battle for you. This knife is worth buying; don’t doubt that, not even for a second

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