As it sounds, a fixed blade knife is a knife with a fixed blade. We normally compare it with the folding knife which on the other hand does not have a fixed blade. Hence, the names of these two knives in fact determine the blade position. Folding knife has a fold-able blade that is move-able. You can either fold the blade or open it when required.

On the other hand, the blade of a fixed blade knife is immovable. There is no folding mechanism which means you can’t fold the blade. These knives are known for their strength and power. They are among the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal for self defense. As a user, you must be aware of everything regarding this incredible knife. We feel it is necessary to disclose some essentials that users must know. Let’s start with the practical uses of this type of knife.

Common Tasks You Can Perform With Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed Blade knives are multi-functional tools that can be used in accomplishing plenty of tasks. You can consider them for using in your everyday tasks. Due to immense strength these knives possess, the hardest of cutting tasks can be performed. So, regardless of any purpose for which you are buying this knife, you should consider them useful for almost every function. Here is a list of different tasks that these powerful blades are able to perform:

  • Prying Windows and Doors

As a user, make sure to know every way you can use your fixed blade knife. One of the most important tasks you can perform is prying windows and doors. These knives have the required blade strength to perform such harder tasks. Prying is not an easy work, you need to have a powerful blade that enables you to do so. Prying literally means separating things, so to pry doors and windows, your fixed blade knife can be a handy tool.

  • Breaking Glass

As mentioned above, fixed blade knives are popular due to their unmatchable strength. There is no other knife that possess more power than these immovable blades. Hence, they can serve hardest of cuts. If you need to break the glass, use your fixed blade knife than any other tool. It would allow you to easily smash the glass and break it. Such is the strength of these knives!

  • Hunting

If you are a frequent hunter, you know pretty well that you always require a knife in your arsenal. But, the most advantageous knife in your arsenal should be a fixed blade knife. You need a very sturdy blade to accomplish your hunting game. Typically, the knife is essential when you are hunting small game like squirrels, ducks, quails etc. Once you hunt, you need to perform small tasks like cleaning game, and for these tasks, you do require a knife. So, if you have a fixed blade knife, you are an efficient hunter!

  • Skinning Game

One of the advantageous ways you can use your fixed blade knife is skinning. After you are done hunting the small game, your foremost task is skinning. There is no better alternative to this knife when it comes to skinning. It can serve skinning in the easiest fashion. If you are a small game hunter, and you do it regularly, your foremost choice has to be a fixed blade knife. It has the power really to do skinning game with perfection.

  • Self Defense

Though they are not usually consider ideal for self defense because they are hard to carry. There is a fixed blade and an enormous size. So, they are not supposed to be carried in your pocket or small purse. However, once you have covered them with a leather sheath, there is no harm in carrying them for self defense even in your pockets.

When it comes to protecting yourself against the attackers, fixed blade knife is way better than any other types of knives. They are far more powerful and durable than the folding knives. The move-ability or fold-ability of the blades make them non-durable and ineffective at times. However, fixed blades are more sturdy and hefty, and last longer. Also, they are effective in survival situations because they are ready to be used. There is no need to push any button to deploy the blade first. Just pull them out and launch a counter attack to the attacker. Such an impregnable blade would severely injure him!

  • Building A Survival Shelter

Your powerful knife can be a part of your survival arsenal as well. It is not always that you need to survive an attack. Sometimes, you need to survive the circumstances. For instance, when you are on a voyage to natural landscapes, you may require building a shelter. This is where your fixed blade knife can be more than handy. It would allow you to cut woods, branches and other things needed for constructing a shelter. So, this knife can be an ideal weapon to carry when travelling to any natural places.

  • Cutting and Chopping Wood

Wood is one of the strongest and hardest to break materials, but, not when you have a fixed blade knife. It allows you to cut and chop the wood with ease. Because the blades is sharp and sturdy, you can easily chop the wood into pieces. If you often require chopping wood, this knife is enough for you as a tool!

  • Cutting Rope

Cutting rope is another tough task you can accomplish with your fixed blade knife. Imagine cutting it with a folding knife with a small sized blade! You may end up losing the blade, but the rope won’t be cut down. However, with a fixed blade, you can easily cut the thickest rope. This knife allows easy penetration in order to serve cutting of the rope in a quick succession.

  • Hammering

It may sound odd, but you can hammer anything with your fixed blade knife. At certain occasions, you don’t have a hammer with you. Obviously, it is not a lightweight item that you can carry with you! But, what can you do if you need to hammer anything? Don’t worry if you have a fixed blade. Provided the immense strength that these blades possess, they can serve your hammering tasks to a great extent!

  • Eating

What makes fixed blade knives useful EDC knives is the ways they can be used. If you are travelling anywhere and you need to eat, you can use these knives for eating. They can easily work as the forks for you. For instance, if you are eating fruits, rice or any other food item, the knife can be a handy fork!

  • Food Preparation

There is a lot that goes into the food preparation! To prepare food, you don’t just need a stove. Rather, you first need the equipment for cutting the vegetables or meat. For this purpose, you can use your fixed blade knife. If you are at home, you can cut meat and vegetables for preparing food for you. When outside, you can cut fruits to eat. Hence, among the necessary equipment for food preparation, fixed blade knives top the list!

  • Opening Canned Objects

Last but not the least, you can use your fixed blade knife to open different cans and bottles. There are several other uses of these knives that we may not mention or highlight here, but those on this list are the most common ones. So, you can use the sharpness of your blades to open canned objects.

Advantages of Fixed Blade Knives Over Other Types of Knives

  • Toughest Knife

If you ask me which is the toughest or strongest knife, without thinking, I would suggest the fixed blade knife. Folding knife is not the most durable knife because it has more moving parts. Hence, you can expect more chances of malfunction due to more number of moving parts. As there is a fixed blade, and not any moveable parts, fixed blade knife is sturdy and durable. It possess unmatchable power that allows you to cut through hardest of materials. There are certain tough tasks that these knives can perform and others can’t. Some of them include breaking glass, prying wood, chopping wood, hammering, and skinning etc. All in all, it is a vigorous knife!

  • Easy to Maintain

Fixed Blade knives are also the easiest knives to maintain. The locking mechanism or hinge of the folding knives may fail on the crucial time to lead you to some trouble. Not the case with the fixed blades though! There are no hinges or locking mechanism that can fail to land you in trouble. The blade can be protected by just putting on a protective leather sheath.

  • Multi-functional

Fixed blade knife is a versatile tool. There is absolutely no task that these knives are unable to perform. In the above list of common tasks accomplished by these knives, we have not highlighted all of them. Instead, those are just a few common ones! There are several other tasks that these durable blades are capable to accomplish. I regard no other knife as multi-functional because knives like folding knives are incapable of performing hunting, skinning, chopping and prying wood etc. Hence, your ultimate choice as a multipurpose weapon is a fixed blade knife.

Go, Get Your Fixed Blade Knife!

If you are looking for a weapon that can serve multiple purposes, fixed blades have to be your ultimate choice. Based upon the advantages and practical uses of these knives, they are better everyday carry tools. They surpass all other types of knives in terms of strength, durability, and versatility. Especially, some toughest tasks can only be accomplished with these strongest blades. So, add perfect knife in your arsenal, go, get a fixed blade knife!