Folding Brass Knuckle Knife

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MTech USA Spring Assisted Knife 5.5
MTech USA Spring Assisted Knife 5.5 Inches Closed With Black Aluminum and Red Spine Handle
$11.17 $10.36
In Stock.
Knife With Brass Knuckle Handle: Slice Away And Cause Melee At The Same Time
Dark Side Blades Spring Assisted Knife 5.25 Inches With Knuckle Black and Green Aluminum Handle
$12.92 $7.50
Out of Stock.

Folding Brass Knuckle Knife - Be the Change, Begin a Movement

You'll be ready for it all with this legion of brass beside you. This folding brass knuckle knife features a deep-piercing point and partially serrated sharp edge. The built-in thumb stud and super-fast assisted-opening mechanism provide super fast access to the scary looking blade. The folding brass knuckle feature adds to the influence this beast already possesses. This is a glass ceiling shattering knife, she also features a surprise on the tip of the handle along with a multi usage pocket clip also attached to it.

Folding Brass Knuckle Knife - Just the Way You Like It

I honestly believe that this world is a better place with this folding brass knuckle knife in it, this knife’s lightening speed assisted opening mechanism is a special gift that gives you an edge over your opponents in every combat situation. This folding brass knuckle knife is also very useful in day to day activities, the brass knuckle design is similar to that used by members of the famous New York mafia during the early 20th century, carrying one of these immediately makes you look badass. After making a purchase on our website, be rest assured that you’ll get your parcel delivered to you on time and in one piece.

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