Airsoft as a sport is unknown to many, but at least all of you are familiar with the airsoft guns. These are the replica guns that closely resemble or replicate the real firearms. However, they fire plastic BBs, and hence, they are safe. Perhaps, many of you use these guns to have an experience of real weapons, or you want to test your shooting capabilities. But, let me take you to something more entertaining and thrilling, and that is the Airsoft Sport. I am not sure if you are all aware of this, but I promise, you will know each and everything regarding this amazing sport after you finish reading the article. If you are already involved in it, that’s good! But, I assure you will be benefited reading this because I have disclosed some key things about it. Mainly, I will be focusing on how you can get involved in this sport. So, let’s begin!

What is Airsoft and How it Started?

Airsoft sport is played on a specified area, typically large and outdoor. The game involves tagging and hitting the other players using airsoft guns. The ammo's in these guns are usually the BBs. As compared to paintball or laser tag, it is difficult to determine whether the player is hit with the airsoft gun. Hence, the game completely relies on honesty of the players. Before we deeply dig down the airsoft, it is necessary to know some wrong beliefs about it. Airsoft guns are not the old-fashioned BB guns that fire pellet or round metal BBs at 1000 FPS or 350 FPS. Such guns are rather used for hunting, but not for shooting in this simulation sport. Airsoft roots back to Japan where it was established. The replica guns were manufactured in Japan in a way to replicate and feel like the real rifles and pistols. The strict legal issues at international and local level made it difficult to use the real firearms, and it has been illegal for civilians to own the weapons. So, this gave birth to airsoft guns that allowed sportsmen to participate in the military and police scenarios in a safe mode. The cheap airsoft guns replicate the real weapons in a very accurate manner. Though it is more considered a sport, but, the militarizes use them for training their personnel. We formally know it as a sport.

How to Engage in the Airsoft Sport?

Like any other sport, getting involved in airsoft requires you to go through a proper system. Do you think you can buy a gun and step on the field to get started. Nah, this isn’t the case. There is a complete procedure that you need to undergo. Yes, you do need a gun, but it’s not all about a gun. Rather, you need to be part of the community and then require several other equipment and gear. But, the most obvious is certainly buying a gun. We have enlisted some key steps that you need to follow in order to get involved in airsoft. This is a detailed guide that promises to prepare you for your first experience with this fantastic sport. So, here are the steps to take:

i- Know The Role You Want to Play

The first and foremost step to take in your way to become an airsofter is to know the role you would like to play on the field. Trust me, airsoft is not that simple. Before you purchase an airsoft gun, you should know what role you will be playing. There are certain roles, including rifleman, scout, sniper, marksman, grenadier and support gunner. Choose either one of these roles, but make sure to select the one you are most comfortable with. A rifleman is the most common position and is responsible for pushing his team advance through the game progressively as well as geographically. Also, he is often tasked with accomplishing different objectives. A sniper is an important role because he relies on remaining hidden throughout the game and spots the opponents in different positions. Scout is often an invisible player on the field and the major responsibility of scout is to remain undetected by the opponents for possibly the entire game. A support gunner assists the riflemen with the weapons and magazines. If you want to be a grenadier, you will need to use some explosive devices for eliminating the opponents and offer tactical benefits to your team. So, figure out your comfort with each role and then choose the role you will play on the field.

ii- Buy Your Airsoft Gun

Now, we come to the most significant step in the process of getting involved in airsoft, and that is to buy an airsoft gun. Well, firstly, which gun you required heavily depends on the role you are playing. If you are a rifleman, you need an airsoft rifle. If you are a sniper, you must buy an airsoft sniper rifle. Similarly, you can choose a pistol if you are a scout, but in any case make sure to buy a quality gun. Purchasing a high quality airsoft gun is pretty necessary because a low quality gun would end up costing you and your team the game. However, don’t buy an expensive gun straight away, rather look for economical options. Also, as a beginner, you should be focusing on learning how to shoot the opponents, how to gain some firing accuracy, and how to move around on the field holding a gun. Hence, try to purchase lightweight and easy to handle guns in the beginning.

iii- Buy The Airsoft Gear

Do you believe you have got everything after you have purchased an airsoft gun? Sorry, but the gun is not all you need. There is other essential equipment that you need to purchase. The most prominent is the safety equipment, and this is an necessary as a gun. Get proper clothing that covers your full body. Camouflage can be a great idea. Wear safety glasses as well or get eye protection to secure your eyes. Also, if possible, wear a mask or other face protection because your face is another sensitive area where BBs can do some damage. The purpose behind purchasing airsoft gear is to prevent yourself from an injury.

iv- Practice The Shooting

It is necessary to practice some shooting before you get on the field to do realistic firing. You should gain some skills and the most essential skill among them is shooting precision. That will come by hard practice. Practice consistent shooting for gaining both accuracy and gun handling skills. Practice will make you perfect and prepare you for the game. However, make sure not to get started with the sport unless you attain essential basic airsoft capabilities.

v- Join The Airsoft Communities

You may think that this is unnecessary. You are in fact right. Typically, you need a field and a team to pursue this sport, so, you can get use any place as your field and can involve your friends to make two teams. Hence, you are ready to play. But, you want to be a professional airsofters, and for this purpose, it is necessary to join a community. There are plenty of communities in the United States that are open for new members. Joining a community does not mean that they will provide you the guns and equipment. But, they do help you in teaming up. You will be able to learn maximum because the communities have expert and skilfull members. So, you will be competing on a professional level. Hence, make sure to join these communities for a more professional airsoft sporting.

vi- Get Started and Have Fun!

You may have played many games, like you must be playing the American football, soccer, Tennis, or Golf etc. Or, you may have involved in several outdoor activities, but there is no match of Airsoft when it comes to entertainment, thrill and fun. Once you have known the role you want to play, purchased your airsoft gun, bought the required equipment, practiced shooting, and joined some airsoft communities, you are ready to step on the field and engage in the game. You can have fun teaming with your mates and members of the community. You will become a part of a family that will treat you like a family member, not a community member. So, hold your gun and step on the field. But, wait, are you aware of the airsoft rules and regulations?

Fundamental Rules of Airsoft

So, now you are ready to step on the airsoft field and involve in some competition, let’s understand some fundamental rules of airsoft. Follow these essential guidelines to become a good airsofter:

  • Avoid blind firing because airsoft is not just fun. Your blind firing may cost your team the game. In the end, you require to win the competition by gaining an upper hand in the simulated combat. Don’t lose the BBs, instead fire them carefully and at the right time.
  • There may be distinct rules at different places. But, one rule is certain, and that is the safety. Never ignore the eye protection when stepping on the field. Even use face protection so that you can prevent any long-term injury.
  • Pistol Whipping is not allowed on the field because it can badly hurt your opponents. Also, keep in mind that it is illegal.
  • Don’t fire from a very close distance. If your opponents surrenders himself, don’t bother shooting him because he would step out of the field himself (That’s the spirit of this wonderful game).
  • Don’t miss to have fun! If you lose the competition, don’t take it very seriously. Instead, prepare for your next expedition on the field. Try to improve your skills, and most importantly, try different roles and different airsoft guns to enhance your fun on the field.