Gold Knife - You Can Be Both Flamboyant And Strong

Tac-force Tactical Rescue Spring Assisted Knife with 2.7 Inch Blade Full Gold Titanium
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Part Number: 6T4-TF-903GD
Features: 2.75 inches stainless steel blade
Golden ti-coated blade
features gold pocket clip
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The most stylish, gorgeous and cool knife is here! This gold knife is an excellent EDC knife and is very beautiful. There is a gold color scheme overall and is a masterpiece by Tac Force. Apart from the magnificence and beauty it offers, it is very sturdy as well. 

This gold knife features a ti-coated blade made of high quality stainless steel. It is one of the most powerful and sturdy knives that can be used to cut the harder materials. The gold titanium makes the knife look beautiful. There is a pocket clip in the package as well to make it easy to carry in the pocket. 

The gorgeous gold knife features a stainless steel blade of 2.75 inches. It is a spring assisted knife that features a spring that makes it easy to deploy the blade. It is a perfect everyday carry knife for both men and women. 

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