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Steel Imperial Bevor Neck Plate Armour
This neck plate armour is made from 18 gauge mild steel and has a leather fittings, ensuring that this is a quality piece for your next Ren fair or LARP event. The polished steel finish gives this neck armour a fantastic sheen that you are sure to love with the rest of your steel armour.
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Have A Voyage Into Medieval Era With Our Gorget Armors

Who doesn’t want to forget reality for a little time and enter the fantasy world where you would have your favorite historical items. A world full of magic, majestic powers and whatnot. Amazing! Yeah? Well, we have a solution to that, as we at Knives Deal bring the best and stunning replicas of the famous Gorget Armor. Yes, you heard it right. Whether you want something to complete your costume or you want to have a fantastic feel and escape this world for a while, our armor will complete your wishes and desires.

Gorget Armor For Sale: Own A Piece of Fascination And Majesty:

A gorget is a metal piece worn around the neck usually made of silver or gilded brass. Initially a piece of steel armor for protecting the throat, gorgets had by the middle of the 17th century changed in shape and use until they were no longer functional as protective coverings. For the medieval era fanatics, your collection will never be whole or complete with the mesmerizing selection of our amazing gorget armor. Our experts have worked tirelessly to develop and craft the ever most impressive collection of gorgets for you or the fantasy-crazed loved ones in your life.

The Best Gorget Armor: Unparalleled Beauty:

Before purchase, you must consider the quality and affordability as well. You will get that with all of our products. But for those of you, who have waited for the right items for your collection of the fantasy memorabilia, you don’t have to go anywhere else on the internet. 

Gorget Armor: Make Up Your Collection With Only the Best:

You have made it to the right destination - Knives Deal. We are so convinced and inspired that you will love the cheap gorget armors that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. After successfully purchasing with us, you get your order delivered to you within one working day or less. 

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