Grass Cutter Sasuke Kusanagi Sword

2D3-SK714 - The blade is a two tone, black and silver which is factory sharpened. It is as straight as an arrow
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It is a sword which can be seen in many Anime Manga Series, and that includes a lot of other TV Series Anime. Yes folks, this is actually Sasuke sword from the world famous Japanese Anime series. This sword is as beautiful as it looks with an all white scabbard with black stripe including a red bubble on the handle. Inside the lovely wooden white and black scabbard conceals the ultimate piece, the blade. This incredible sword from Naruto is one of the best anime sword, and a masterpiece to have in your collection. 

The blade of this gorgeous Sasuke sword is made of stainless steel, two tone, black and silver which is factory sharpened. It is as straight as an arrow. The Black, White and Red handle is made up of all natural wood which conceals the tang of the sword. This sword will definitely put a tough of class to you anime collection, but most of all the Naruto Collection. It is a sword to have in your arsenal, ideal for decor and LARP. It comes with a wooden scabbard that enhances the beauty of this sword. With an overall length of almost 40 inches, it feels a real sword. Also, it has a factory sharp blade. 

  • Notorious Anime Replica
  • Stainless Steel blade
  • Wooden Scabbard
  • Overall Length: 40 Inches
  • Blade Length: 27 Inches
  • Blade: Stainless Steel, Black and White, Factory Sharp
  • Handle Length: 10.75 Inches
  • Scabbard: Wooden, White and Black
  • Please Note: The Strip On The Scabbard and Handle Is Only One Side.

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