great badass knives

Nowadays, the online market is your absolute destination for the highest quality and largest selection of badass knives at the lowest prices possible. From pocket knives and survival knives to bayonets and Bowie knives, you are certain to find exactly what you want according to your needs.

A knife is a tool along with a cutting blade attached to a handle. It is said to be about two and a half million years old. Initially, it was made using different materials such as wood, bone, and stone as well.

With the development of time, new materials such as copper, bronze, iron, steel, and ceramics have been used in its manufacturing. The styles and patterns may vary according to the maker and origin.

Knives are used for various purposes. Hunters use it as a hunting knife, and many people carry it as a knife to fight the attackers. Pocket knives are carried by hikers and campers. Then, there are various kitchen knives such as chef knife, the bread knife, cleaver, table knives which are used for preparing food.

Moreover, the type of knives such as daggers and switchblades are used for juggling or throwing. Thus, the knife selection totally depends on you. Pick out one according to your needs and preferences.

Different Types of Badass Knives:

Now let us tell you about different popular types of pocket knives. This way, you can get more information about them and make the correct selection for you.  

1. Full-Tang Knife:

The tang of a knife is the piece of the blade that extends into the handle. A full-tang knife has the handle pieces or scales attached to each side of the tang to make the handle of the knife. 

While a half-tang knife has a tang that only extends halfway into the handle.

2. Ulu Knife:

This type of all-purpose knife initially came from the Eskimos. They used it for everything from skinning animals to building an igloo. The knife consists of a wide, curved blade with a handle that runs equivalent to the blade.

The ulu is used with a back and forth motion. It is great for use in the kitchen to chop and cut meats and vegetables.

3. Butterfly Knife:

It is also known as a balisong knife. It originated in the Philippines as a self defense and utility pocket knife. It gained popularity in the United States after W.W.II.

Whether you are looking for a knife to add in your collection or looking for everyday use, you can get badass knives at reasonable prices easily. A common man may assume every knife to be the same. 

But people who have immense knowledge about butterfly knives are well aware of the fact that there is a lot to discover in the field of a knife.

The Best Badass Knives for Sale:

Here in this article, you can get information about the most badass knives that are used for several purposes from everyday use to survival or hunting. Continue reading!

It is the knife if you are looking for a uniquely designed and highly functional knife. Well, the Hunted Forest Green Realtree was originally designed for extreme labor purposes. The knife is well known for its dependability and flexibility. It features two cutting edges.

hunted forest green knife

It has a jagged upper spine while the full tang spans through the whole handle. In general, this durable and well-balanced knife comes with amazing affordability to serve you well in the long run.

    • Total length with belt: 54 inch
    • 6.75 inch Knife length
    • Key Features: stainless steel blade, full tang, serrated edge
    • Wooden handle
    • Nylon belt

It is a serrated blade along with a belt cutter, flat head screwdriver, and a bottle opener as well. These tools are attached to the knife which is hidden with a belt. This hidden blade knife is one of the most inventive designs to disguise a knife without letting anyone notice.

This tactical hidden blade knife also comes with a belt cutter for emergency purposes. The knife comes prepared on a buckle system that handles onto a 50-inch nylon belt. This is an adjustable belt according to your size.

self defense hidden blade

Besides this, the knife is then covered within a hard black cover sheath which takes the curve shape of your waist. A colorful laser print design decorates the black handle along with a faux diamond tread finish.

    • Overall Length with Belt: 54 inch
    • Overall Knife Length: 6.75 inch
    • Blade Length: 1.5 inch

The Night Crawler Black Full Tang Hunting Knife is a sharp accurate weapon that consists of a clip point blade. Clip point blades have the look of having the forward third of the blade "clipped" off.

The structure of the clip can be straight or concave. This type of blade provides itself to quicker stabbing with less drag during inclusion and faster pulling out.

Hence, the clip point blade design belongs to at least Macedonian times. The blade is made up of steel with a black finish with Night Crawler imprinted on the blade.

night crawler blank full tang hunting knife

Well, the handle has been covered with a nylon cord to use in case of emergencies and to create a firm and comfortable grip. A nylon sheath is included.

    • Overall Length: 14.25 inches
    • Blade Length: 9 inches
    • Blade Style: Clip Point
    • Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Black Anodize, Sharp Blade
    • Handle Length: 5.25 Inches
    • Handle characteristics: Full Tang Construction, Small Guard
    • Design: Black, Nightcrawler

4. 3.5" Two Tone Blade Multi Tool Spring Assisted Camo Knife

Spring assisted knives are the types of pocket knives used for everyday carry. This assisted opening knife is one of the most badass knives having a two tone double blade. With a spring mechanism, it is quick and easy to deploy and promises immense durability and strength. This is not a massive knife, having a length of around 8 inches.

Made of 3CR13 steel blade, it can be used for multipurpose cutting work. It has an injection molded ABS handle and features a pocket clip for easy carry. Also, there is a bottle opener attached with it which makes it easy to open bottles and canned objects. 
  • 8" Overall in length
  • 3.5" 3CR13 Steel Blade
  • Electro plated satin two tone blade 
  • 4.5" Injection molded ABS handle
  • Includes pocket clip and Bottle Opener

5. Spring Assisted Open RAINBOW Stiletto TACTICAL Folding Pocket Knife

Another badass knife with a gorgeous rainbow design. This tactical knife has a folding blade as well made of thick stainless steel. Not just a beautiful knife but a powerful one as well. 

It has a rainbow titanium coated handle and blade with an overall length of less than 10 inches. There is a pocket clip as well to make it easy to carry in the pocket! 
  • Overall Length: 9.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 4.25 Inches
  • Closed Length: 5 Inches
  • 3MM Thick Stainless Steel Blade
  • Rainbow Titanium coated Blade
  • Rainbow Titanium Coated stainless steel handle
  • Includes pocket clip


As you know that there are thousands of knives from hundreds of makers but not all can be accurately known as a badass. The knives you can find in this article are no doubt the badass knives. These knives have the characteristics, designs, and craftsmanship that no other knife can beat. So, consider them for buying!