Handmade Full Tang Highlander Connor MacLeod Sword

Handmade Full Tang Highlander Connor MacLeod Sword. 43" Overall. 12.5" Handle. 27" Blade. Hand forge high carbon steel blade with blood groove.
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This item is the hand forged Third Generation Highlander sword from the movie Highlander. This hand forged Highlander sword comes with a wood scabbard with high gloss piano finish. The blade is made of 1045 High Carbon Steel and is FULL TANG. The tsuba is metal and comes with a poly resin dragon handle. The handle is also double pegged. There is a very nice detail on the handle in three colors. 

Among the most fabulous swords of today, this Highlander Sword tops the list. The full tang blade ensures the strength of this sword. Also, with a length of more than 41 inches, this looks like a badass sword. The length of the blade is also around 27 inches. The slight curve on the blade adds to the magnificence of the sword. In addition, the high gloss piano finish makes it look luxurious. It displays its royalty. 

The Highlander movie series has displayed some fantastic sword, but this sword of Connor Macleaod has its own class. It is indeed a masterpiece that deserves a place in every enthusiast’s arsenal. 

  •  Overall Length: 41 1/4"
  •  Blade Length: 27 1/2"
  •  Blade Material: 1045 High Carbon Steel
  •  Handle Material: Poly Resin and is double pegged 12" long
  •  Includes: FULL TANG and High Gloss Piano Finish

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