Heavy Duty Police Grade Baton Stun Gun

The Heavy Duty Police Grade Baton Stun Gun is a multifunctional stun gun with flashlight that allows you to shine the ultra bright flashlight and power the high voltage stun gun in a single-hand operation. With multiple contact points the stun baton enables you to swing, prod, and stun your way to safety.
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This is the best self defense weapon you can carry to battle the attackers. It is a Heavy Duty Police Grade Baton Stun Gun that features two weapons in one. There is a massive police baton and a stun gun. You can use both weapons to your advantage and get rid of the attackers. You can swing the baton hard and even a single strike will leave the attacker busted open. Also, touch the attacker with the prongs to deliver a strong electrical shock to immobilize him!

This Heavy Duty Police Grade Baton Stun Gun is the perfect safety tool to carry. There is a heavy duty baton of length around 23 inches. It is made of reusable grade aluminium. The baton also features a flashlight. Hence, you can enlighten your path! 

Thus Heavy Duty Police Grade Baton Stun Gun also includes a glass breaker. There are multiple purposes that it can serve. A safety switch is also included in the baton that allows you to switch it off when not in use. A perfect self defense tool. 


  • Length: 22.63"
  • Construction: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Packaging type: Reusable Storage Container
  • 3 Function Flashlight
  • Rubberized handle for additional grip and control
  • Glass breaker included
  • Features safety switch
  • High electric voltage
  • Rechargeable battery with wall charger included

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