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Lipstick Hidden Knife Blue 2.75
Lipstick Hidden Knife Blue 2.75" Concealed 1" Blade Self Defense
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Who Knew a Lipstick Knife Could be so Inconspicuous?

Attention ladies!!! Most women have a tube of lipstick they carry in their purse for touch up jobs so why not carry two tubes? Keep the real one in your small makeup bag but keep the other one in a handy place. Knives Deal brings a fantastic selection of lipstick knives for sale at the cheapest prices. In our inventory, we have the smartly designed knives that appear like real lipsticks. For the girls, it is the most effective weapon for self defense! Our lipstick knife is identical to a real lipstick, but it features a blade which is revealed once you twist the tube of the lipstick. So, buy our lipstick knife and carry another cosmetic in your bag which lets you deal with the attackers. 

Hidden Lipstick Knife - Best for Women's Personal Security!

The second one is a 2.75” concealed lipstick knife. It has a small 1” curved blade you can use for self defense. No, it is not a very big blade but it could save your life or someone you love’s life. When closed it looks like an ordinary tube of red lipstick. This hidden lipstick knife would make an ideal gift for the women in your family or those special women friends you have. There is no special occasion needed to gift one of these knives. Order with confidence that you will get what you see on the product page. Our company will generally ship the same day but always will ship on the next business day. All our products with a 30-day money back guarantee. The materials used are of top quality yet offer affordable prices. Order yours today. You will be glad you did, and so will those you order one for.

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