high quality crossbows

Are you on a hunt to find cheap crossbows? Well, the good news is you will find the best crossbows within your budget before you finish reading this article. If you think crossbows are beyond your budget, you are wrong. 

We have come up with some quality crossbows that you can purchase without breaking the bank.

If you get to the market to buy cheap crossbows for you, you will have a never-ending choice. There are hundreds of distributors of crossbows claiming that their crossbows are high performing and affordable. 

Yes, you are looking for affordable crossbows, but don’t buy low quality crossbows that don’t last for even some days. Your tight budget isn’t a problem, but if you make a wrong buying decision, you land yourself in trouble.

If you buy a poor crossbow while attempting to buy cheap crossbows, you in fact lose money, and also don’t benefit with a crossbow. Nowadays, you can even find crossbows under $50, but most of them would be undurable. 

Therefore, you need to get some solid ones while staying within your budget. After a brief research, we have enlisted some of the high quality cheap crossbows that you can buy. These crossbows are affordable and durable. They would last longer than your expectation.

So, without wasting more time, here are the top crossbows you can choose to buy:

1- Mtech USA 180LB Crossbow

Mtech is known for its premium quality crossbows. They tend to manufacture highly featured crossbows. Also, they have the cheap crossbows you are looking for.

This is one of the high performing crossbow you can buy at affordable price. With a draw weight of 180 lbs, it is slightly useful but it would provide you a memorable crossbow experience.

It is a 36 inch God Camo version designed by Mtech, and is ideal for hunting as well as shooting. This is a professional crossbow which incorporates a patented trigger mechanism and a compound bow action.

Mtech USA 180LB Crossbow

The mechanism inhibits a dry firing. It allows you to fire at a pace of 370 feet per second. The major features of this crossbow include integrated quiver, cocking string, and shoulder strap.

2- 175LB Recurve Crossbow

Having said that Mtech manufactures the excellent crossbows, this is another masterpiece designed by them. As we are trying to enlist some cheap crossbows, this 175 pounder recurve crossbow makes to our list. 

Another affordable option for those with a tight budget. An integrated quiver is the greatest feature incorporated in this crossbow. With a draw weight of 175 lbs, it is better than many crossbows available in the market. 

Recurve 175LB Crossbow

Hence, it is easy to handle, and offers more accuracy and precision. This recurve crossbow is one of the most gorgeous crossbows and ideal for the hunters. If you love hunting, or you are a regular hunter, this recurve crossbow is the most astonishing option for you.

3- Valiant Camo Compound Rifle Crossbow

As we are exploring some cheap crossbows, we let you come across this Valiant compound rifle crossbow. With a good draw weight of 185 lbs, you may consider it a rifle crossbow, but it is a good effective crossbow for hunting. 

Designed like a rifle, it has a unique style, and a lovely one. It offers a good speed of 310 feet per second. With this crossbow, I can promise accuracy. You won’t get a more precise crossbow in this price range. It also includes 4 pieces of aluminium bolts having 20 inches of size.

Valiant Camo Compound Rifles Crossbow

This crossbow is also one of the most powerful ones available in the market.

4- Valiant Sniper Compound Rifle Crossbow

Almost similar to the previous version, this is a sniper shaped crossbow with a draw weight of 185 lbs. The original weight of the crossbow is just 7.34 lbs. Hence, this is a lightweight crossbow, but a promising one. 

You would get better accuracy and precision with this crossbow. It also offers a pace of 370 feet per second, but it is cheaper. With your low budget, it is ideal for you.

Valiant Sniper Compound Rifles Crossbow

There are less options when it comes to quality crossbows in this price range. So, we suggest not to miss this one.

5- 150 lbs Mtech USA Composite Crossbow

Yes, MTech again. We have already been talking about the most economical manufacturers of cheap crossbows. 

There are even more quality crossbows manufactured by MTech that could easily make into this list, but we have enlisted the top 10. This crossbows is another excellent option for hunting as well as target practicing. It provides the accuracy you have been looking for in a low budget. 

Mtech USA 150LB Composite Crossbow

A 150 lbs draw weight is appropriate for hunting the animals. It also includes an additional drawstring and a couple of bolts of 14 inches. With a 35 inches length, it is a nice crossbow. A rifle like shape makes it easier to hit the target. 

Also, we regard it as one of the most elegant crossbows exist today.

6- 130 lbs Mtech USA Composite Crossbow

MTech, once again. Now, coming to this variant of cheap crossbows by Mtech, it is almost similar to the one discussed above, but a cheaper option. 

It is slightly smaller in size, but has more capability than its size. It comes with a couple of 16 inches arrows and a foldable limb. Also, there is an addition of a stringer with this amazing crossbow. 

130 lbs Mtech USA Composite Crossbow

With a draw weight of 130 pounds, it is excellent for hunting small game and large game. Don’t think that this draw weight makes it incapable. It would work better than your expectation. 

It has an aluminium barrel, therefore, you can expect long term durability. It has a sinister look because of its all black body and composite handle.

7- Draw Recurve & Foldable Crossbow

With a fold able real tree camouflage design, what a crossbow this is. This list of cheap crossbows could never be completed without this splendid crossbow. This Wizard crossbows is designed majorly for hunting purpose. 

It is lightweight and compact. Also, it is safe to use and ultra-reliable. So, you will get a comfortable hunting experience with crossbow. This is one of the crossbows that are magnificent for hunting large game. 

It is built exactly like a proverbial brick outhouse. The speed of the arrow can go up to 210 FPS. It is the draw weight of 150 lbs that makes it suitable enough for hunting large game. The aluminium barrel built of this crossbow makes it a powerful one.

Recurve Wood Stock Rifle Crossbow

Up to 60 yards, its accuracy is unbeatable. Also, a safety cocking mechanism is incorporated in this crossbow.

8- Self Cocking Aluminium Pistol System Crossbow

Don’t bother about its draw weight, it is far more capable than your imagination. It has a pistol-like design, hence, it is much smaller than the other crossbows on this list. 

This is probably the reason why it is the cheapest crossbow as well. With a self cocking mechanism, it is ideal for hunting and shooting. It can shoot smaller animals, and is excellent for everyday practice.

Self Cocking Aluminium Pistol System Crossbow

For the beginners, I would suggest this crossbow. It comes with three aluminium darts, a fiberglass prod, and a crossbow string.

9- Aluminum Pistol Hunting Crossbow

This is a mini-crossbow and the most suitable option for those who have a low budget to engage in the crossbow hunting. It has a lightweight design, and aluminium stock which makes it highly durable. 

It can fire a dart at a speed of 160 FPS. A draw weight of 80 lbs is excellent for hunting small game. It is another pistol crossbow and ideal for the beginners.

Aluminium Pistol Hunting Crossbow

The auto safety mechanism is installed which engages when cocking.

Hence, these were some of the cheap crossbows that are seemingly affordable. You can see from the above examples that there are slight differences of features such as FPS, accuracy, and range between them. An expensive crossbow would have better features, specifically durability. If you are low on budget, don’t go or rifle shaped crossbows. Instead, you can buy pistol crossbows and enjoy a similar hunting and shooting experience.