Historical background of Blue Rose Sword

Anime sword is popular in Japan, but it's not just a Japanese thing. To understand anime, you have to know the history behind it. Anime dates back to WWII and was used as a method of storytelling for children who were otherwise confined to an unstable country.

After World War II ended, the US occupation forces took control of Japanese culture and began exporting animation back to the US with Disney-esque adaptations. The 1960s saw a huge influx of new styles and genres as Japan's economy boomed and its society modernized rapidly. 

By now, anime and related things have become so entrenched in Japanese culture that many feel that without it there would be no real understanding at all of what modern society means in today’s evolving world. One of the most popular anime swords is a blue rose sword. 

What is a Blue Rose Sword?

The blue rose sword is a weapon that is made by combining an azure rose and a longsword together. The grip features an azure gemstone in the pommel while the blade's edge is black with white stripes, which gives it its unique color. 

The rose sword has many properties of both the longsword and the azure rose, allowing it to be used in close combat or ranged combat. It also has a higher chance of inflicting status ailments as well as damage over time effects than other weapons of its class, making it more difficult to fight against. 

Despite being weaker than some weapons of similar classes, it can still deal high amounts of damage if the user knows how to use it correctly.

Blue Rose Sword

Interesting Historical of Rose Swords

The blue rose sword has an eternally fascinating history that goes back to the Bronze Age; however, it was not until about three centuries ago that people began to use them as symbols of love and beauty. This is mainly due to their aesthetic nature. They are made with intricately designed flowers, which makes them more appealing to people than any other kind of weapon. 

It is also this reason that the French philosopher Montaigne was so fascinated by them in his time and even wrote a book on the subject. He explained how they were originally used as weapons but were subsequently changed into ornamental swords because it fit their current purpose so well.

Throughout history these swords have been made from different materials such as bronze, silver, gold and even steel. Each material has its own unique set of qualities and some produce better weapons than others depending on the desired outcome. 

A blue rose sword might be made from bronze due to its relatively low cost and the ease of creating it; on the other hand, a sword may be made from gold as a sign of wealth and power. Ultimately, the most important factor that determines what weapon is used is its effectiveness in battle.

Association with Knights

These real swords are typically associated with European knights because their designs vary greatly depending on what country they originated in. They have been found throughout Europe and have even been found in Asia and Africa as well. 

As mentioned above, they are used in re-enactments today such as fencing tournaments where practitioners fight with one hand while holding a shield or buckler with the other hand. This practice is used because - even though the design is impractical for battle - it looks great.

Mainly Designed for Utilitarian Purposes

The rose swords are a type of sword that is shaped like a blossom. They have been used in the European medieval period, with some examples dating back to the middle bronze age. Some cultures use this design for more utilitarian purposes such as daggers, while others prefer their swords to be decorated with gems or intricate patterns.

After reading about these unique swords from an academic perspective, it is clear that they were not merely a decorative accessory but weapons meant for fighting and self-defense against enemies in battle due to the difficulty of wielding them one handed. This is also demonstrated in the fighting manuals of long ago, where it was recommended that two hands be used for such a sword.

Although most of these swords are too delicate and fragile to be used in battle today, some modern re-enactors have created tournaments where practitioners hold them one handed, with a shield on the other arm. They are very popular in this setting because they are visually appealing to spectators as well as fun to wield.

Main Types of SAO Swords

Thanks to the properties it has, there are two main forms of blue rose. The first is the "fast, light blade" form, where the bladed edge is much lighter than usual with thin stripes that complement it. The second is the "heavy blade" form, which is obviously heavier than the other.

The heavy blade version of the blue rose can only be used to use long range attacks thus far due to its weight and bulkiness, although it has a higher chance of inflicting ailments and status effects than the fast light blade version. It is also less efficient in close combat.

There are other forms of the sword, but they have not been seen yet due to their rarity and the fact that they have lower stats. The general composition of the fast light blade can be found in its longsword counterpart, while the heavy blade can be found in its saber counterpart. 

As it is a rare type of weapon, only few people wield this sword due to its uncommon nature and lack of knowledge on it.

Components of the Blue Rose Sword

The long and short of it, a blue rose sword has three main components: the blade, the hilt, and the guard. This is an old tradition and not all blue rose swords follow these guidelines exactly. While this might seem simple on its face, these three parts can vary greatly depending on who is crafting them. 

  • The blade needs to be sturdy enough to last both in combat as well as withstanding rigorous use. 
  • The hilt needs to be able to grip securely in your hand without being uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time. 
  • The guard needs to protect the blade of the sword from chips, dents, and scratches it might receive in battle.

The traditional blue rose sword uses a double-edged design for the blade so that nothing can hide behind it when attacking. The handle and guard of the sword are made entirely of adamantine or darkwood, or possibly other materials depending on what the crafter prefers. 

The hilt is also made entirely of adamantine or darkwood, but a wide variety of metals can be used. Because they are double-edged, rose swords are heavier than most other swords in use by most people; they lean more towards axes than they do towards rapiers in their weight class.

Value of the Blue Rose Sword

In the world of high-quality collectible swords, a blue rose sword is known to be an extremely valuable rarity. These cosplay swords are now the subject of intense speculation and intrigue, thanks to their rarity, value and history. But why are these rose swords valuable?

A blue rose sword is a gorgeous piece with a distinct coloration that’s found on the surface of only three or four models in all of Japan’s centuries-old sword making tradition. This coloration occurs due to an unusual acid etching technique called “katazome.” 

The three swords in the world that possess this rare feature are known as the Choshu (or katazome) series, the Otsu (or katazome) series, and the Fujiwara (or katazome) series.

The Choshu and Otsu series were made in 16th-century Kyushu by masters of that time, while the Fujiwara series was created around 1580 by a famous master from Shizuoka. These are all “katazome” blades, meaning that they have an etching pattern like a tree or cloud on them.

Extremely Efficient and Powerful! 

The blue rose sword has been used by several known individuals throughout history to kill other individuals with extreme efficiency and power. (Most notably between Rasengan and Sasuke) However, it has also been used against others as well. It has been used to kill numerous individuals throughout the series, as it is one of the most powerful weapons in the world.

The blue rose takes the form of a rapier-like blade that has a relatively long reach with a thick center. The blue rose grip and pommel features an azure colored gemstone. The sword features many offensive properties, and also allows itself to be used in close combat or ranged combat. It also deals more damage over time effects as well as status ailments despite its rarer presence in comparison to other weapons. 

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