History and Features of SAO Kiritos Sword

Sword arts and combat have been around since the beginning of time. Akira, the protagonist of "Akira," is a skilled swordsman, able to slice through his opponents with little effort cleanly. These are just a few examples of sword art throughout history. They range from ancient samurai in Japan to Kalaripayattu in India, which is a martial art that originated in Kerala centuries ago and involves elaborate sword-fighting skills similar to those found in Akira's world. 

The category also includes escrima sticks and other historic weapons such as machetes, broadswords, and long knives. Sword styles are also divided into different categories. For example, a European sword is usually divided into two separate groups: a small (falchion) and a large (broadsword) style. Japanese swords are always divided into large (katana sword) and small (tanto) styles.

There are also differences in the use of these swords based on the time period they were created. Katanas were traditionally used in combat, but since the mid-18th century, they have been more used for ceremonies due to their durability and aesthetic beauty. SAO kirito’s swords or "Akira" swords are classified by their length: long swords tend to be two-handed, while short swords can be one or two-handed.

An Overview of the History of Kirito’s Swords

The swords Kirito uses, among other characters in the franchise, are known as "swords of destiny" and were named so because they are typically two-handed full tang swords that are very powerful. This was developed by blacksmiths in the early fifteenth century. They were meant to replace the old three-edged sword due to its ease of use for cavalry riders, and with that came a change in sword design. 

Unlike the old three-edged sword, which had an additional edge at each end of its blade respectively, these new two-handed sao kirito's swords had an edge on one side and a spike on the top instead. In the world of cheap swords, this has been used long before the "SAO" events and is a well-known weapon. 

The First Two-Handed Swords

The first two-handed swords were called battle axes and were used until the end of the 16th century, at which point they were replaced by Zweihänder as early as 1561. Its size is about 1.5 times that of a normal sword and weighs twice as much. However, due to its length and weight, it is one of the most powerful weapons in terms of attack power, but also one of the slowest.

In his introductory battle in the first episode of the anime, Kirito was shown wielding a Zweihänder named "Elucidator". It is the first sword he makes for himself in SAO. The Elucidator is an extremely powerful sword with a black blade and a golden handle. Following its destruction later on, Kirito acquires his second and final Zweihänder, "Dark Repulser". 

The Dark Repulser has a dark grey blade and a black handle with golden decorations. Its red highlights are due to the fact that it is a magic item. The sword was created by Tabatha Bingham and later passed to Kirito. Following its destruction, he obtains his third Zweihänder, Dark Repulser (II). The Dark Repulser has the same appearance as Dark Repulser (I), but with a few changes.

The three-handed sword that Kirito uses in later episodes of the anime is named "Dark Repulser E", or "Dark Repulser EX" in Japanese canon. It has an orange blade and a black handle; the blade color is possibly due to Kirito's status as a Wood Magic Swordsman from ALO. The sword has a special function: as its name implies, it can attack multiple targets at once.

The "Dark Repulser E" is not the only weapon Kirito has used in the series. He has used a number of weapons throughout his adventures in the virtual world, including cosplay swords of both types that he can wield with one hand, swords like those his mother used to wield, and even staves. The staves he uses are known by their name: "Silver Gale"; "Basilisk"; and "Euphrates". The specially-made sword his mother wielded had an orange handle and a green blade; Kirito gave this sword to Kazuto in memory of her.

Popular SAO Kirito’s Swords

The blade of this sword, basalt black in color, was roughly a meter in length. The hilt of the sword had been made from clear rhinoceros bone. The guard was an intricate design that captured the flow of water and wind. The pommel was made of gold. In total, there were three swords in the set. 

The handle of the middle sword was covered with emeralds and its guard had been designed like flowing water. The handle of the other sword had a blue-green gemstone embedded into it, and its guard was designed to look like a gale wind coming from the sea. "Well, I wasn't sure if I should make them so ornate; I felt that perhaps they would look more appropriate if they were simple and orderly. 

However, after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to put in more effort and add some details. The two Sao Kirito’s swords that Kirito uses throughout are the «Elucidator» and the «Dark Repulser». 

  • Elucidator

Elucidator is a sword that has a blue blade and is about as long as Kirito is tall. It can also be used to cast magic-like skills to replace casting points, one of them being an attack spell called «Heaven’s Hole». Elucidators can also use a skill called «Final Spark» to generate a large beam of light that destroys just about anything it touches, or it may release an electric shock wave against opponents.

  • Dark Repulser

Dark Repulser is a sword that has a dark blue blade and Kirito wears it on his left shoulder. It is about the same size as an Elucidator, but the handle is longer. Dark Repulser has higher attack power than Elucidator, but its disadvantage is in the fact that it requires more mana to use skills. 

In addition, if Dark Repulser’s handle breaks in some way—by Kirito unintentionally pulling out its handle during an attack or by taking damage—the sword will break into two parts and be unusable until repaired.

These Sao Kirito’s swords can also be used in place of casting a healing spell and restoring HP. Both swords are also used to defeat enemies, most notably in the «Moonlit Black Cats» boss battle. 

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What are the Features of Kirito’s Swords?

Sao Kirito's Swords are weapons that serve as the main protagonist in the series, Kirito, who wields and uses them in battle. They have a large variety of shapes and forms and can be used by anyone. In addition to this, Kirito has an innate ability to increase his maximum PP for each sword he normally wields by over 400% as opposed to normal humans who have a limit of around 100%.

These swords themselves have their own personalities that take form within the story arc just like the famous Highlander Sword. They are able to communicate with Kirito telepathically at times when they need help or advice against powerful opponents. They are also able to give him advice to battle enemies when he is in a pinch. When they are not in use, Kirito places them away in his inventory. 

But, when he runs out of inventory space, he can utilize their special properties by creating a new "storage" space within his inventory. However, because of their special nature, these swords have their own limits.  When the swords' PP reaches zero without restoration or creation of storage space for them and a new sword is created, it disappears from the real world and reappears in another place he has never been before (an "Extra Dungeon"). 

If this happens three times in one game session on the same day within an hour period they will disappear permanently. Each sword has its own personality, most of them are cheerful, jovial, and good-natured. But in some parts, the personality is more stern and serious. The majority of them seem to be on good terms with Kirito, although some are not.