push dagger

If you are looking forward to buying a push dagger for self defense, you should first learn how to use it. The need for self defense weapons is growing at a rapid pace and it makes sense because the crime and violence rates around the world are growing too.

Not just this but people now prefer having peace of buying when they go out so that they and their families are safe. In case of an attack, you would need a weapon and that is where a push dagger can come in handy to you.

This weapon belongs to the family of knives. It comes with a unique design that can be used for close combat and believe it or not, it is worth buying!

What makes this even better is the fact that you can carry it anywhere you want to without any hassle. Yes! This cool knife can be attached with your belt, buckle, and even your backpack.

How To Use A Push Dagger For Personal Defense?

You are here because you want to know how to use it. Once you know it, that is when you will probably place an order, right? If that is so, you have landed just in the right place today.

The dagger comes with a short blade and the handle is T-shaped which makes it easy for you to hold it in the palm of your hand. When you hold it, the blade from the front of the fist, right in between your fingers, and that is when you are all set to use it.

This weapon works the same like just any other knife does. You hold it and use it for close combat. In other words, the attacker is supposed to be near you if you want to use this weapon to protect yourself. You can stab him in the arm or the leg as per the situation.

As far as the lethality is concerned, just avoid stabbing the attacker anywhere on his face, especially his eyes. If you do so, he might end up losing his vision permanently.

But, if you stab him in the arm or the leg, chances are that he will lose control of the situation for a while, but it won’t result in some serious severe injury.

This is how you have to use a push dagger. It is easy to use, easy to carry and it is quite effective if the attacker is near you. The shape of this weapon is a little unique and the reason behind it is a stronger grip.

In the case of an attack, you would never want your weapon to slip from your hands, right? Well, this is why a push dagger comes in a “T” shape. It is easier to hold and you won’t even lose the grip.

Advantages Of Push Dagger For Self Defense:

Now that you know how to use this dagger, you would want some more convincing reasons to try it, right?

If yes, stay with us a little longer because we are now going to put down all the possible reasons why you will need one.

1. It Comes With A Fixed Blade:

It is not a folding knife or a blade that will change if you try folding it. This weapon comes with a fixed blade knife which will give you added strength and rigidity.

It is just the kind of thing you want in case someone attacks you.

2. Easy To Carry:

Despite the blade length, a push dagger knife can be very compact and you can easily carry it anywhere you want to.

One of the most important things you should consider when buying a self defense weapon is that it must be easy to carry in the car, on the street, while traveling and in the house too. This is exactly what you get with the dagger weapon!

3. Fast Deployment:

Unlike other folding knives, you don’t have to worry about opening the weapon and then using it.

It is a fixed blade dagger that is easy to deploy in case of an attack. You just have to pull it out and it will be all ready for you to use.

4. No Training Required:

One of the best things about a push dagger is that you don’t need any training to use it. As said earlier, it is just like any other knife that you use daily.

You just have to take it and stab the other person with it so that he loses control over the situation which is when you can easily escape.

5. Highly Effective:

For close combat, this is undeniably one of the most effective weapons you will ever use.

It is quick, it is easy to use, and it will give you results only if you hold it properly and stab the attacker, hard enough.

Summing Up!

In a nutshell, a push dagger is going to be the best self defense weapon you will use this year. It is a great self defense weapon that doesn’t even cost much!

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