Sword Cane

We can surely understand your love for a sword cane. We know this weapon has a distinctive place in your heart. But, are you even familiar with what this weapon really is? Do you know how people use it? Do you want to understand the legal implications of this cane?

If so, no worries at all! We are here to give you the answers to all these questions.

At first, let us explain to you a detailed introduction to this splendid weapon. Afterward, we will also throw light on the legality of this weapon in different parts of the world.


This weapon is actually a form of a hidden blade. You may even call it a variant of a traditional cane. People even use this weapon for protecting themselves from the attack of their opponents.

If you talk about the construction or anatomy of this weapon, you will find out the following.
  • It looks like an ordinary cane that is somehow more stylish in appearance.
  • This cane possesses a hidden blade that is sharp enough to harm the other person.


This weapon basically consists of two distinct parts.
  • Cane stick
  • Blade

As far as the material of the cane stick is concerned, two materials are mostly used. They are listed below.
  • Hardwood
  • Aluminum

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However, if you want to know about the material of the blade, you will mostly find high-quality carbon steel blades.

Other Names:

This weapon is also sometimes referred by the following names.
  • Cane sword
  • Sword stick
  • Stick sword


This weapon attained popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries when it was almost impossible to carry a weapon in public. People basically used this weapon to deceive others as apparently, it was impossible for them to consider it a sword.

This marvelous weapon is basically a creation of intelligent swordsmen who found a way of carrying swords despite all social and legal implications.

Why Do People Carry A Sword Cane?

If you are thinking of this ethereal weapon as a substitute to the traditional cane, you are right. Yes, there are people who use it to support them to walk.

Apart from that, there are numerous other reasons that compel the buyer to spend on this weapon. Let us have a look at the most significant ones among them.
  • These weapons are extremely lightweight and are thus, quite easy to carry on a daily basis. People immensely admire this quality of a sword cane.
  • Besides this, this weapon is among the most stylish tools that one can carry or possess. Weapon lovers and collectors fall for its magnificent looks most of the time.
  • Basically, it is available in numerous attractive designs. You can even say that these are often equipped with ornate handles and decorative toppers. Their details are given below.

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Snake Topper:

If you go and roam around the weapon market, you will find this weapon with a snake topper.

The beauty and finesse of this topper will instantly capture your heart and you will not be able to resist the urge of buying it.

Skull Topper:

The scary looks of a skull topper on these weapons look so classy. It makes this weapon an ideal buy for those who love such unique weapons.

This further leads to an incredible increase in the demand for this tool the world over. How can one turn a blind eye to the flawless beauty of this sort of a cane topper?

Lion-Head Topper:

The ferocious looks of a lion truly serve as a symbol of bravery and kingship. This is the reason why some sword canes possess an attractive looking lion-head topper.

This product intrigues the buyer and convinces him to spend on this weapon unintentionally. You must now be thinking to grab such a cane for you on your next visit to the weapon market.

Dragon Topper:

Dragons are often considered as a symbol of terror and have immense cultural value in some parts of the world. That is why manufacturers of these canes have also introduced them with dragon topper.

This makes the buyer associate this tool with their culture and traditions. It further gives this weapon a competitive edge over all other tools of this sort.

Mainly, this weapon has a great potential to serve as a self defense weapon. In some parts of the world, it is even viewed as a concealed blade.

It looks like a normal cane but possesses a sharp blade that can serve effectively in case of an emergency situation. This is one of the most important reasons behind the undying popularity of this powerful weapon.

Various Uses of A Sword Cane:

Searching about the uses of this weapon will leave you in a state of surprise. You can even call it. A multipurpose weapon that can serve a number of purposes in your life.

Let us have a look at each one of them.

    • Home Decor Item:

Most of the people are fond of decorating their place with unique decorative objects. They are constantly in search of spending on such classy decorative items that can make their place shine out of the rest.

This urge often compels them to invest in these weapons. Their ornate handles and interesting decorative toppers truly highlight them as a great choice to decorate your place.

Therefore, if you are also looking for a classy home decor items, invest in a classy sword cane and add to the charm of your space.

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    • Gift Item:

Are you tired of finding a perfect gift for an elderly loved one? Are you having a weapon lover in your family? Are you planning to give something to someone who has just shifted to his new house?

Well, this weapon is undoubtedly a great choice under all these conditions. You will never regret choosing this over all the other options that you will have.

    • Self Defense Weapon:

A sword cane hidden blade is thoughtfully designed to serve all your defensive needs. The sharpness of this blade further aids its purpose of creation and help you stay safe all the time.

Walking by holding such a powerful cane also nourishes you with an exemplary spirit of confidence and bravery. It mostly lets you walk without any fear or threat.

Isn't it amazing? Don't you want to invest in such a splendid weapon? Give it a buy and say bye to all such worries.

    • Walking Stick:

For the elderly or diseased, it is sometimes not possible to walk without any support. Here this sword cane serves as a traditional cane. It provides them with the support that they need to stand and walk on their own feet.

At the same time, holding this fashionable walking cane highlights their personality and serves as their distinct fashion statement. It really helps them stay young at heart.

    • Fashion Accessory:

Surprisingly, this weapon is also sometimes used as a fashion accessory. I have often seen known models carrying these classy sticks on the ramps. It actually compliments their designer outfits and adds a royal touch to their entire personality.

However, it is somehow weird to carry these sticks as an accessory in public.

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The Final Thoughts:

Precisely, the legality of a sword cane is determined by your area of residence. Hence, it is always advisable to check its legality before planning to carry it to some other area. Even if you are planning to invest in this weapon, you must first inquire properly.

If you are unable to find any authentic source, you can simply contact the department of public safety. Their restorative will surely guide you in a better way.