blank firing guns

The blank firing guns are specified by their characteristic of not having a real bullet. They are also known as prop guns, starter pistols and movie prop guns (since they are often used in movies.)

A blank gun has a cartridge filled with gunpowder but not bullets to a projectile. There is a use of paper or plastic sealing at the propellant in the casing.

Sometimes, the blank shot refers to a shot without a bullet but in that case, there is no gun power there. Shooting from an empty pistol is different from shooting from a blank firing gun.

How Blank Firing Guns Are Different From Empty Guns?

An empty gun refers to a gun having no bullets. It is harmless as there is no projectile in it and not even the shells there. Shooting that gun will do nothing but just a minimal sound that will make no change.

On the other hand, blank guns involve pressure, gun powder and a sound like original gunfire. The sound effect it makes is enough to give the feel of the real gunshot.

Moreover, the pressure of gunpowder blast gives real pressure onto anything and can destruct the target if there is any. The pressure has a force up to a specific range that creates an impact.

How Do Blank Guns Work?

It is interesting to understand how a blank firing gun works. When there is no projectile or real bullet, how it gives the real bullet shot sound and can cause damage? The real key in a gunshot is gun powder.

blank guns uses

In a normal gun or pistol, there is gun power that gets a charge when we pull the trigger and cause a pressure to eject bullet from the front end.

Conversely, in the use of front firing blank guns, physics remains the same. On pulling the trigger, the firing pin strikes the primer and ignites the gun powder. It causes the release of gasses and results in a blast from the top sealed cover.

In the case of an original bullet, the paper seal is replaced with a metal bullet that gets a push due to extreme pressure and hit the target. Even there is no bullet in the blank cartridge, but still, there is a pressure that can reflect the extreme results.

Do Blank Firing Guns Shoot Anything?

Many people think that blank guns do not have any bullet and then these are fine to use for shooting. Some people have a perception that these guns can’t damage anything, so these are safe to play around.

But, the reality is opposite to this myth. A blank firing gun is equally dangerous as a real firing gun. It is more dangerous than a normal gun.

Many people are conscious when handling a real gun due to bullets but in a blank gun, many people do not even pay attention to details.

When the gun powder release a spark it creates pressure that can even damage one’s skull. The pressure and flame are so strong that it can hit and burst the target easily. It is not a fun toy at all.

One needs to be very conscious when having a blank gun. There are specific reasons these guns are used and that specification some with some cautions.

Types of Blank Guns

There are two types of blank guns or prop guns and they are different in terms of their shooting mechanism. The place from where the fumes are discharged determines the type of gun! Here are the two types explained:

  • Front firing guns are the type of guns in which fumes are discharged from the front of the barrel.
  • Top firing guns are the type of guns in which fumes are discharged from the top of the barrel.

Where Are Blank Guns Used?

The common question rises at the astonishing use of blank guns. When these guns don’t have any bullet and are even not a toy, why people have them and use them. Guns don’t have these two purposes, one is fighting and the other is game.

Hence, there are many other uses of guns and blank firing guns.

1. Signals And Help:

One of the integral uses of blank gunshots is the signals and help. These are also known as flare guns used by the tourists, army officials, ships and many others.

It is a part of a survival kit that helps the person to mention his presence in a specific area and ask for help from the search teams.

Also, it is helpful as the blank shot gives a longer flare and lets the smoke to hit the sky. It makes the signal visible and lasts for a little longer than rescue teams could reach the victim.

2. Starting The Race:

Commonly in running, rugby, horse riding, and other sports the blank guns are used to start the timing. The main purpose to use the blank shot is the sound along with flare.

There is a huge audience and the player needs a starting alert. This is why these guns are often called starter pistols.

Therefore, the gunshot helps them to react accordingly on the shot. It makes things easy and notable in a huge crowd.

3. Mimicking The Gunshots:

In many movies and action thrillers, the actors cannot use real guns. It is dangerous for them to have real weapons around as it can risk safety. The blank firing guns, sometimes called movie prop guns, are used to mimic the gunshots.

They not only provide the sound but the feel of an areal gunshot in the camera.

With fewer efforts, the crew will have the exact depiction of the gunshots. At distant shooting sequences, it is something favorable and safe for massive fights.

Why Choose Blank Firing Guns?

Blank guns are not dangerous as the real guns. However, still, these are used in many places where we cannot use real guns. The question is why, while the answer is simple, minimal damage.

Firing a real gunshot even in the air is equally dangerous. It is not a safe option when you have public around.

  • Easy To Cheat On Camera:

Even if you will go for the paper or rubber bullets, these will hit the target sharply and cannot be cheated easily on the camera. Instead, the blank firing guns give the accurate cheat shot and do not harm the long-distance targets at all.

The sound and screen feel of these shots is similar to the real one and gives the best shots as well.

  • Ideal For Survival Kits:

These are light and easy to carry in survival kits. Besides this, pulling the trigger does not give a jerk to hand. The weight of the gun is minimal and it does not give a hard impact on the person.

It is one such tool that anyone can use easily. The chances of loss and failure are less in case of the wet or too warm season.

  • Better Sound Impact:

The use of blank shotguns for survival or in games is not only for the flare but for the sound as well. One such gun creates a multiplied sound effect on a gunshot.

In case, the color smoke goes unnoticed, the sound will leave an impact and get the presence noticed in an area.

The Final Word:

So, these blank guns, prop guns or starter pistols are ideal if you want to enjoy some real shooting without any danger or threat. Also, you can avail numerous uses these safe guns offer such as starting races, movies and cosplay etc.

So, what are you thinking of right now? Hurry up and start browsing our exclusive collection of blank firing guns and order your desired one!

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