A Pepper Spray Damage Your Eyes

Do you know that pepper spray can damage your eyes and skin? But, how? To get the answer to this question, we are here today. In this article, we will explain to you how this defensive spray damages your eyes and skin. Well, before getting to know this, you should also get your informed about the basics of this spray. So, continue reading the article and stick with us till the end.

Pepper Spray:       

This spray is also known by the name of capsaicin spray or capsicum spray. The spray acts as a lachrymatory agent that causes irritation and burning sensation in the eyes. It is used as a self defense tool for law enforcement officials in different situations.

The spray works by taking vision temporarily and allows officers to restrain the subject more easily. It is an opportunity to escape in danger too. Another effect of this spray is that it causes shortness of breath by discomforting the lungs of the affected person. It is also used by individuals to defend themselves if they are under sudden attacks.

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How Is It Made Up?

In this spray, the active ingredient is oleoresin calcium (OC). Well, anyone can have this spray in many types, containing a compound (known as capsaicin) that causes burning.

It doesn't have a color and smell, but it is powerful. To reduce harmful effects, OC oil is mixed up with other ingredients. Pepper sprays do have different patterns that you can buy, like stream, mist, and fog. Hence, the spray effects last 20 to 90 minutes that can cause blindness to an attacker long enough that you can escape easily.

Is It Good To Carry?

Pepper sprays are so convenient to carry. You don’t need to worry about the storage as well. You can simply put it in your purse or pocket and go outside. Whenever you feel like there is something wrong, take your spray out and target the assailant to protect you.

What Are The Physical Effects Of Pepper Spray?

Physical Effects:

Pepper sprays cause many physical effects when a person comes into contact with it. It causes boiling sensation, which leads to eye pain, and temporary blindness.
Some other effects caused by the spray are as follows:

· Wheezing
· Shortness of breath
· Dry cough, gasping
· Gagging
· Burning into the throat
· Inability to breathe or speak

Nevertheless, in some of the rare cases, it causes cyanosis. And, if someone breathes in pepper spray, it could experience a sudden increase in blood pressure through which risk of stroke occurs. 

What Are The Damages Caused By Eyes And Skin?


Several damages are caused by the pepper spray, like having harmful effects especially to eyes and the skin. 

· Eyes:?
It affects immediately on the eye, which triggers uncontrollable tears, redness, swelling, the closing of the eyelid, and temporary blindness. The cornea layer is disrupted by it, so people having impaired corneal integrity are affected more as compared to those having good eye health.

If anyone is wearing lenses, in that case, it is better to remove and throw them as soon as possible. Rubbing of eyes should be avoided in the case if affected eyes because it just increases the pain intensity. 

· Skin:?
In the case of skin, it causes cyanosis, which is a bluish discoloration that indicates a lack of blood flow and oxygen.

What Are The Complications Faced?


Pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons that can’t kill anyone. But, somehow, it causes deaths. People having an asthma problem face more complications than other people.
In some reports, it was found that there were few cases in which spray was directly contributed and the causes of that were asthma.

What Are The Uses Of Pepper Sprays?


It is used in crowd control, policing, riot control, and self-defense against the attackers (it can be animals or people) for an opportunity to escape. It comes in a canister that is small enough to carry in a purse or pocket.

Some are pepper spray projectiles that we can fire from paintball guns which have been used against demonstrators for years.

How Are We Going To Treat It?


There is the following treatment for the affected person to heal. The victim should blink vigorously to encourage tears. It helps in flushing the irritation from the eyes as the capsaicin is insoluble in water. And, even after many washes, it is not gone.

The affected person should avoid rubbing because it just increases the burning sensation and spreads the compound. Another solution is to use wipes. Many of the emergency departments and ambulance services use baby shampoo to remove the spray.

This spray is an effective deterrent but only if we use it to a limited extent, otherwise its excessive usage is dangerous and causes damage. It is helpful in many cases like self-defense and helping police officers in controlling the crowd. But, it has some harmful effects too.

Sometimes, the effects are temporary like it takes a vision for a short period and eye pain. Whereas, sometimes, the damages are severe. We can call it a non-lethal weapon that can't kill anyone, but it somehow causes death.

Asthma patients face most of the complications. Other than that, it has many other effects too. The spray alone doesn't cause the respiratory risk, but if it is combined with some other drugs.

Hence, despite the harms, pepper sprays are still one of the most effective, and beneficial self defense weapons. 

The Final Thoughts:

So, if you are interested in having this spray to ensure your personal defense, buy a quality one from a top-class retail store online.