Pocket knife a camping and travel essential

Are you a frequent traveller or a camper? If you are, you know the need to gather all the essential supplies. Camping and travel essentials include several things but one of the top essentials is a knife. You can’t be deprived of a knife whenever you leave your house for travel or camping in the wilderness. Camping, hunting, and fishing are among the activities that require carrying a knife. 

What sort of knife do you carry for camping, hunting or fishing? Most probably, it is the pocket knife. If not, you have to carry one because it is the best thing you can carry if you are a regular traveller or camper. 

It proves to be a camping and travel essential because it serves several purposes in a magnificent manner. So, how does it prove to be such a utility? Today, we explore why all campers and travellers need to necessarily carry some cool pocket knives. This is a detailed guide but before we head to pocket knife’s necessity in camping, let’s explore what sort of knife it is and what are its key features:

What is a Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife is different from regular knives in terms of size, mechanism and features. This knife is designed to be carried in the pocket. It has a small handle, a small blade and sometimes, a pocket clip is attached to it so that it can be carried in the pocket with ease. It is one of the cool knives that you can carry for several purposes, such as camping, hunting, fishing, travelling and more. In other words, it can be your ultimate travel companion. 

Pocket knife

This small folding knife has a blade that can be folded inside the handle. There is a safety lock that locks the blade into the required position to make it easy to carry. Here are all the features of these knives explained:

Features of a Pocket Knife

  • Small & Sturdy Blade

The most prominent feature of a pocket knife is the small size of it. It has a very small handle and a small blade. The idea is to make it fit perfectly into the pocket. This is the reason why travellers and campers can carry it with ease. The blade is small but a sturdy one. It has the strength to cut different materials. It can help accomplish the cutting tasks involved in camping. 

  • Folding Blade

The blade is small and has the ability to fold into the handle. The blade can be folded into the handle and closed to be carried in the pocket. Then, it can be opened to use again. There is either a spring that makes the blade open to its fully opened position or it is opened manually. The knives with springs are called spring assisted knives. At times, there is a push button that opens the blade. Such knives are called automatic knives or switchblades. 

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  • Thumb Stud

A thumb stud helps open the knife. You can push it and gradually open the knife. If it is a spring assisted knife, you just need to open the blade to a partially opened position before the spring opens it to fully opened position. In a manual folding knife, you have to open manually to full position. 

Pocket knife

  • Blade Serrations

At times, pocket knives have serrated blades. Serrations make the blades multipurpose. Serrated blades can help in diverse cutting purposes. Such knives are useful in skinning and field dressing etc. 

  • Ergonomic Grip

An ergonomic grip is the type of grip that feels comfortable in the hands. An ergonomic handle is easy and comfortable on hands. This makes a pocket knife an ideal knife with its ease of carry and ease of handling and use. 

  • Safety Lock

The best feature of this knife is the safety. It features a safety lock which keeps the blade locked in the specific position. When the blade is folded into the handle, the safety lock locks in that particular position. When it is opened, the blade is locked in the opened position and does not move unless you unlock the blade. 

Pocket Knife as a Travel & Camping Essential

Whenever you leave your house for camping or travelling, consider carrying your cool pocket knives. There are many ways this knife would help you. Here are a few uses of this knife during travelling and camping:

  • Carried in the Pocket

The main reason to carry a pocket knife rather than carrying a regular knife is because a folding knife is easier to carry. You need a strong leather sheath for carrying a knife with a fixed blade. Also, it poses a threat of injuries as well. On the other hand, carrying a pocket knife does not require a sheath. You can fold the blade into the handle, lock it and carry it in the pocket. There are no safety concerns as well, and you can save space in your bags too. 

  • Cut Veggies & Fruits to Prepare Food

Whether you are travelling or camping, you need to eat food. If you’re in the wilderness and looking to prepare food, you need to cut vegetables and fruits first. If you have this knife, you can simply pull it out, cut or peel fruits and vegetables and prepare food for yourself. 

  • Clear Brush

Clearing brush is one of the things you need to do while camping. Every camper would agree it is a hard task to accomplish. However, with this small knife, you can also clear brush and make space for camping. 

  • Cut Ropes & Branches to Prepare Shelter

For preparing shelter while camping, you need to do a lot of cutting work. This includes clearing brush, cutting wires, ropes and branches etc. For all this cutting work, you need nothing other than a pocket knife. With its sturdy blade, you can easily cut ropes, branches and leaves etc. 

Pocket knife

  • Open Drinks & Cans

While travelling and camping, you carry some foodstuff. This includes drinks, canned objects and bottles etc. To open them, you can’t risk your teeth. So, better use this small knife. The blade of this knife can do the job. In addition, there is sometimes a bottle opener attached to it that makes it even easier to open bottles and cans. 

  • Cut Meat

This is the major task while hunting and camping. You need to cut meat and for this purpose, you need a strong knife. This knife has a blade sturdy enough to cut meat. So, you can cut meat and prepare food with ease. 

  • Field Dress Your Hunt

One of the hardest tasks to accomplish while hunting and camping is field dressing and skinning. There is no need to carry a skinning knife if you have a cool pocket knife in your arsenal. It can easily remove the skin off the animal and help accomplish field dressing and skinning in an easy fashion. 

  • Fish Scaling & Filleting

If you are going fishing, no need to carry a filet knife or any other knife for fishing. Leave space for carrying other essentials. Carry this small folding knife and let it do the fileting work. In addition, this knife can make scaling look like an easier task! 

  • Survival Against Wild Animals

Last, but not the least, this knife can help get rid of wild animals and attackers in the wilderness. It can be one of the best self defense knives and survival knives. You can use it to survive against animals that often cause problems while hunting and camping! 

Carry a Pocket Knife While Travelling & Camping

So, is there any more reason you need to carry a pocket knife? When you’re travelling, you don’t have access to everything, you can pull out your knife and use it for preparing food. Also, campers need to use this knife for a lot of purposes from cutting meat to survival against the wild animals. So, grab some cool pocket knives in your arsenal and fill your camping and travel supplies with the most necessary tools! 

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