how to fight an attacker with a pocket knife

Generally, it is never easy fighting an attacker when you are in such a tense situation. You may panic, and meanwhile, the attacker will find you a very easy victim. Unless you have a solid and lethal self defense weapon, it is likely that he will brutalize and victimize you. So, first you need to find a lethal and solid weapon, and we suggest a pocket knife!

Seems quite strange, isn’t it? You may not consider such a small knife as a powerful weapon to defend yourself from the attackers. However, it is a unique and perfect idea using a pocket knife to deal with the attackers. Ignore its size, there is a sturdy blade which can tear the attackers apart! 

The question is “how to fight with a knife”? Unless you know how to fight using a pocket knife, you can’t battle the attackers. Your temperament, skills, control and fighting techniques would be tested while battling an attacker. So, we let you know how you can fight him using this small but powerful knife. However, first learn the mechanism of different cool pocket knives. Here is a detailed review on the knife’s mechanism and the right way to fight an attacker with it. 

What is a Pocket Knife For?

I define a pocket knife as a tool which meets your routine needs. And yes, it does fulfill all your needs since it is a multipurpose knife. As the name suggests, it is a knife to carry in your pocket. It has a small folding blade; you can fold the blade into the handle when carrying it in the pocket. The blade is small but has the strength to cut anything. 

So, this knife is an EDC tool but can be used for self defense against the attackers. All you need to survive against the attackers is a lethal weapon, right? So, this small knife has everything you want from your self defense weapon. 

Is a Pocket Knife a Self Defense Knife?

So, is a pocket knife really a fighting knife? Yes, you can fight the attackers with it and save your life. In fact, this is the best way to counter them! Forget stun guns, pepper sprays and other non lethal self defense weapons because you need something lethal to teach them a lesson. 

There are several advantages I can count on using a pocket knife to fight the attackers. Firstly, you can carry it quite easily in the pocket, thanks to the small blade which is folded and closed inside the handle. Also, there is no need to worry about safety as the blade is well-locked inside. 

Secondly, it features a small but extremely powerful and sturdy blade. This blade has the ability to cause severe injuries to the attacker and allow you to escape and save your life. So, how do you fight with a knife? Following are a few steps to take! 

Always Carry Your Knife in the Pocket

Remember you are never safe from these attackers who are always ready to brutalize you! Whenever you leave your house, there is an attacker waiting to victimize you. Hence, never leave your house deprived of a pocket knife. 

Since this knife is so safe and easy to carry, there is no reason not to take it with you. Simply fold the blade and lock it inside the handle, and you are all set to fight the attacker with a knife. Apart from self defense, you would be able to accomplish your everyday cutting tasks! 

Pull the Knife Out As You See Someone Approaching Towards You!

There are a few things to know before we get to our main topic i-e how to fight with a knife. Whenever you see a random person approaching towards you, get ready to face him, he can be an attacker with evil intentions. Keep your hands on the knife whether inside the pockets. Pull it out immediately to let the attacker know that you have your self defense weapon to fight him! 

Deploy the Blade

Before you engage in a fight with the attacker, the first thing you need to do is deploy the blade. Now, this is something you need to learn before you learn fighting techniques. 

pocket knife deploy

There are three types of blade deployment methods you will find in pocket knives. 

  1. In case of spring assisted knives, you need to pull the blade out to a partially opened position. As you open it to some extent, the spring will open it automatically to a fully opened position, and your knife is ready for a fight.
  2. In case of  manual folding knives, the entire process of blade deployment is manual. You have to manually open it yourself to a fully opened position. 
  3. In case of automatic knives, simply push a button and the blade will be deployed to a fully opened position at once! 

Hold the Knife in Your Dominant Hand

One thing you need to remember when fighting an attacker, always keep the knife in your dominant hand. If you are a leftie, carry your knife in the left pocket so that you hold it in your left hand when you pull it out of the pocket. If the right hand is your dominant hand, hold the knife in your right hand. 

An Ergonomic Grip Would Give More Control

I would suggest carrying a cool pocket knife with an ergonomic grip. An ergonomic grip is designed in a way that it offers more control. It ensures firm grip on the knife since your fingers stick perfectly around an ergonomic grip! 

pocket knife grip

Keep A Safe Distance From the Attacker

When fighting an attacker, try to stay away from the attacker. Just keep within the reach so that your knife can hit his body. Don’t get too close to him, rather just keep your knife within reach. 

Stab the Attacker in the Nearest Part of His Body

When your pocket knife is within the reach of his body, you can target any part of his body. Try to target his hands first and stab them with the blade. Slashing actions may also work in this case. However to cause severe injuries, stab him and thrust it deeply. 

Once he is injured with a couple of strikes, you have every chance to survive. Also, use your other hand to defend yourself from his attack. Engage him here and use the other hand to stab him! 

Escape Once He is Injured & Survive!

Once the attacker is injured with a couple of blows, time to run away. The ultimate target is to survive. Stab him at least twice to ensure he is injured enough to chase you. Run away from his reach quickly and ensure your survival. That’s how you use a pocket knife to fight the attacker. Follow these simple fighting techniques, adapt and survive!