How to Make a Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade made its first appearance in the first Assassin's Creed game. At that time, it was only used by the Assassins because of a lack of technology and was the only way to kill their targets unless they had a sword to defend themselves. And in non-Assassin missions, only Aveline de Grandpré and Connor could use it.

After that, we saw it used by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Edward Kenway, and Connor. It was also used in non-Assassination missions like The American Colonies or France when the player uses a Conceal Blade to kill people like guards or guards who don't appear until later in the game. This blade is an essential part of the Assassin's Creed universe and it's added to many occasions in the games. 

If you want to make your own real hidden blade you can follow this guide which starts by cutting out two long rectangular pieces of cardboard. It also includes an explanation of how to paint them like metal using various colors of acrylic paint. You can then attach ribbon and glue or pins depending on whether you want your blade to be connected or not.

Making a Real Conceal Blade

A real blade would be super useful to have in a pinch, so read this bonus guide on how to make one that looks just like the ones from the latest Harry Potter movie. If you ever find yourself in a dire situation where you need to defend yourself with just your bare hands, you'll want to be prepared for anything. 

Hidden blade knives

This is especially true for Star Wars fans who are looking for something a little more authentic than their plastic toy weapons. The best way to do this is by making your own real hidden blade from a small piece of metal. Here's how to go about it:

Step 1- Making the Blade

For this project, you will only need one piece of metal, but make sure to get one at least a couple of inches long and have it attached to something that won't break if you drop it (like the inside of your unloaded pistol). 

You could also get a long piece of chain or leather but metal lasts longer for a longer time. Also, make sure the length is long enough so that you have room for your middle finger as some models require this.

Step 2- Attaching the Blade to a Hand

One of the most important parts of any concealed blade is that the tip of the blade must be sharp enough to be used on your opponent. So once you've made your blade, stick it on a thick piece of leather and use a tiny drill bit to mark where it is supposed to go. 

Then file down that small circle until you are able to stick your middle finger into it and make two holes for your thumb. These holes should also be round so that they are perfectly round and won't catch on anything when you draw a belt buckle knife. This step can take a little bit, so take your time.

Step 3- Making a Handle

The next step is the most important part of the project. You need to make a handle that fits perfectly with your finger, so get out some scrap leather or whatever you have in your garage and cut it down to the length you want. Next, cut a rawhide rope in half with a knife and place it between the blade and your hand. 

Now use your knife again to come up under the rope at about halfway up and carefully carve out a shape for your blade's handle. Since I wanted mine to be smooth, I didn't go too deep into the handle since my hand was small enough that I could hold it perfectly where I wanted to draw my hidden potion from.

Step 4- Finishing Touches

Once you've got a handle for your hidden blade, you're done. All that is left is to file down any rough spots and make sure it fits right. If you follow these steps carefully, your hidden blade will be safe and ready to use in an emergency. Just be careful not to stab yourself by accident!

Benefits of Hidden Blade Knives

In order to protect themselves, many assassins use various tools to defend themselves. A hidden blade is one of the most important weapons that these individuals choose. This blade is an item of clothing that can be attached to their forearm and has two razor-sharp edges with a retractable blade on one end. Here are the qualities of hidden blades:

  • Carry in Arm to Conceal

A hidden blade is relatively easy to carry. They are usually unnoticeable under a sleeve or a glove and are easily concealed with a suit jacket or coat, even during the day, and normally worn under gloves. 

They often have handlebars and other designs that can be gripped for ease of carrying, even if only for one-handed use such as in the case of Yuliya Skura, an assassin who used a stiletto with one hand but would also hold it through her fencing rapier technique as well.

Hidden Blade

  • For Stabbing and Killing

This blade is a rather obvious weapon for an assassin to use in close combat and can be used for both stabbing and cutting. This makes it a great weapon for such things as assassinations or sneak attacks, or even in an experienced hand, self defense weapons. However, the way a concealed blade is designed often makes it difficult to use defensively.

  • For Defense

A hidden blade is useful for self-defense, especially when used in an even battle as opposed to a one-on-one fight. They are usually curved and while they can be used offensively, they are actually more effective when used defensively because it makes it very difficult to block the blade in such a way that it would not be effective against the victim. 

This makes them easy to use in a self-defense situation where someone may be struggling or fighting another person.

  • An Effective Weapon

Because they are so easily concealed and can be carried in the arm, they are short enough to either be used in close combat or be used as a backup weapon. This makes them good weapons for assassins who need one to last at least until the fight is over. However, because of the way they are designed, it can make them difficult for either stealth or defensive play styles.

  • Great for Confidence

A hidden blade offers a sense of confidence and security that is not found in many other ways of fighting. Even if the individual does not know how to use it, holding this blade can make an opponent believe that they might have training or experience. 

Using a concealed blade, such as in the case of Thao Nguyen, who used a knife hidden in her hair, can also be used to buy time while thinking of what to do next. This can be useful if one finds themselves cornered or in danger. It can be used as a threat and intimidation, which is one reason why assassins carry them with them.

The Most Iconic Defensive Weapons!

A knife is a knife, however, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus you can use it to defend yourself or just kill someone in a dark alley that would barge into your personal space. What if I told you there was a blade that could conceal itself beneath your clothes unnoticed? It's called the hidden blade, but it's not just for looks.

This blade is a type of small lipstick knife, usually with a concealed sharp blade contained within a handle that may or may not be sheathed in leather. They are traditionally used as weapons for close combat assassinations and other stealth kills in martial arts and fiction.

Who doesn't love the action of dramatic knife fights, assassins using concealed blades to dispatch their targets from the shadows, or ninjas dodging guards bare-handed? 

In movies like "Kill Bill", "Assassins Creed" and many more, these blades are often featured as one of the most iconic weapons used by assassins. Some even sport a sheath for easy transport during missions that require back-and-forth movement between stealthy infiltration and combat survival.