ninja star

Ninja Stars are one of the finest Ninja weapons that have secured a special place in the hearts of Ninja lovers. These are generally regarded as best throwing weapons the world over.

In fact, these are preferred by people who are fond of playing amazing tricks with these splendid weapons. The best part about these ninja stars is that you can even create them at home.

Yes, you have read it right. You can actually create this phenomenal weapon at home. And that too without facing many difficulties.

Isn't it amazing? Don't you want to create a Ninja Star for yourself? If yes, do you want to know how? We have got an effective answer to this frequently asked question. Let us now move towards its answer.

What is a Ninja Star?

A ninja star is also called a throwing star and a shuriken. It is basically a ninja weapon that they used as a combat or warfare tool during wars. 

The ninja warriors are known to have used several different weapons during wars. There were primary fighting weapons like ninja swords. However, there were a few secondary weapons, and ninja star is one of them!

A ninja star looks like a star with certain edges on it. These are deadly edges that can cause severe injuries. The ninja threw these stars on their enemies for maiming purposes. 

In addition, it served as a tactical weapon as the ninja embedded these stars into the ground to cause injuries on the feet of their enemies stepping on them!


If you want to make Ninja stars at home, you will need a few things. These are listed below in detail. Click here to know the best six ninja weapons of all time!

  • Paper Sheets:

You will need square-shaped paper sheets of equal length and width. The size entirely depends on the size of the Ninja stars that you want to make. For each Ninja Star, you will need to square paper sheets.

You can take the paper of any kind. The choice is yours. You can also pick and cut different colored paper sheets to your required size. Don’t forget to be precise with your measurements.

Another important thing that you need is an understanding of folding a paper as per the given instructions.

You can then create these Ninja stars by following a few simple steps. These are described below.

Step 1:

Take two square-shaped sheets of paper. The ideal measurement of these sheets is 6 by 6 cm. That again depends on your required size. If you need a bigger throwing star, you can take a large square sheet.

Similarly, if you want to have a colorful weapon, you may take two sheets of different colors. Prioritize your choice and requirement. Only then, you will be able to create something that satisfies your anesthetics and need at the same time.

Step 2:

Now, carefully fold each sheet horizontally. Please make sure that the folding crease forms right in the center of each sheet. Otherwise, even a minor mistake will distort the neatness and look of the star that you are about to create.

Once you are done with this step, fold each of those sheets again in the same manner. You will then have two bi-folded paper strips.

Step 3:

After carefully doing the previous step, you are now supposed to fold each strip in half a horizontal manner. Be careful, both sides of the strip must equally overlap each other. Any mistake in their measurement will directly affect the final look of your Ninja Star.

I am sure you don’t want to make any compromises over the final product. So, be careful and try to be as precise as you can be. Once you have folded the paper appropriately and precisely form a sharp crease, open the fold that you have just made.

Step 4:

Arrange the two paper strips and consider them as right and left strip respectively. Once you have made this decision, you can now proceed to the next step of creating your favorite Ninja stars.

ninja stars

For the strip on your right, fold the left side of the strip upwards. Don’t forget to align it with the crease that you made in the previous step. After that, hold the left strip and fold its left half downwards. Here again, don’t forget to align it with the crease.

Step 5:

You are now gradually heading towards the completion of the desired product. Isn't it an easy thing to learn? Let's now get done with this project quickly.

By now, you must have followed all the above-mentioned steps correctly. Now, fold the leftover halves of both strips in the opposite direction. Also, don’t forget to align it with the crease as well. For instance, hold the right strip and fold its right side downwards.

Similarly, hold the left strip and fold its right side upwards. You must now be having fun in learning how to make a Ninja Star.

Step 6:

The next step is to flip the strips over. I am sure you must now be thinking that how are these ordinary strips going to take shape of Ninja Stars. Stay patient, you will surely be amazed to see the final product. Thus, flip the strips over.

By now, your strips must look like the picture given below. If it is not looking like that, you must have made some mistakes. Kindly redo the previous steps carefully and appropriately.

If your strips look like the ones shown in the picture, you may move towards step 7 of this tutorial.

Step 7:

By now, you must find a square shape at the upper and lower end of each of your strips.

Can you identify them? If yes, now is the time to fold them in a triangular shape. Therefore, gently hold both strips one after the other and fold their upper and lower square as triangles.

The completion of this step marks that you are already halfway through the tutorial. Are you now excited to see the final product? Stay excited and keep following these steps correctly.

ninja stars

Step 8:

Now, place the strips as shown in the picture given below. To be more precise, you need to put the paper strips over each other.

Place one strip horizontally and the other one vertically. You must now feel that you are quite close to creating the desired Ninja stars. And believe me, it is not as difficult as you thought it would be.

So, let's move towards the next step of this amazing tutorial. With each and every step, you will move a bit closer to achieving a finalized look of the throwing star. Just be careful about folding the strips carefully and appropriately.

Step 9:

Now, tuck the uppermost flap of the vertical strip into the right flap of the horizontal strip. Please make sure that you do this step correctly.

Otherwise, the finish of the star will be greatly compromised. The neatness of your folds and the precision in your tucking style will ultimately make your creation look realistic.

Keep going you will fall in love with the Ninja stars that you will make by following these instructions.

Step 10:

After that, tuck the lower flap of the vertical strip into the left flap of the horizontal strip. It looks incomplete but your Ninja weapon is almost complete now.

Keep the excitement high, stay and thrilled and keep working with dedication. Are you now ready to get to know about the next step? If yes, let's move towards it without wasting our precious time.

Step 11:

Flip over the strips. Isn't it one of the most colorful Ninja stars that you have ever seen? You must already be in love with this amazing Ninja weapon. Just look how cute it looks.

Now, tuck the right flap into the space present in between the upper and lower laps. Repeat it with the left flap as well. If you are unable to understand these textual instructions, you must look at the pictures given below.

Simply follow the visuals, these are provided to let you have a clear idea of what to do. Once you have correctly followed this step, you will see the final look of the Ninja Star.

Step 12:

You are now done with this project. Just look at the Ninja Star that you have just created. I am sure it is one of the best things that you have ever made using origami techniques.

Isn't it an amazing throwing weapon? Throw it and play tricks with your friends and family. You are going to enjoy every bit of it.

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