Brass Knuckle

A brass knuckle is not just an ordinary structure crafted out of heavy-duty metal. This tool serves a number of distinct purposes and is thus one of the most useful tools around you.

If you have already invested in a brass knuckle but you are confused about its usage, let us help you out.

This article states 11 different ways of using this distinctive weapon. Simply read through this article once and you will surely fall in love with this magnificent tool.

1. Paperweight:

Just imagine yourself sorting some important official documents while sitting in your cabin. Consider an instance where someone accidentally turns the fan on. Obviously, all those documents are going to get scattered here and there.

To avoid any such mess, people love keeping paperweights on their desks. This brass knuckle can actually serve as a classy paperweight. It is not only going to keep all your documents at their place, but it will also add to the charm of your cabin.

brass knuckle paperweight

Utilize this utility of this weapon and thank us later.

2. Defensive Tool:

The main reason behind the creation of a brass knuckle is to increase a person's punching ability. It goes without saying that it rightfully serves this purpose. Yes, by wearing it around your knuckles, you can easily strike an impact-full punch on your opponent's face.

This amazing quality contributes the most in declaring this as a popular defensive weapon. It basically makes it incomprehensible for the attacker to know what has just happened.

Imagine yourself as an attacker who has just received a knuckle punch. Only then you would be able to feel the extent of shock and pain that this unexpected strike can cause to him.

3. Stylish Accessory:

Whether you are a teenage girl or a boy or a working man or woman, accessories are quite important in your life. Keeping this in view, we are sharing a great idea with you.

The metallic finish together with the ring-like structure of this weapon truly adds to its worth as a trend accessory. It remarkably complements all your outfits and makes you stand out from the rest.

Also, it immensely highlights the charm of your personality and gives you a stylish look.

People generally prefer this weapon over other such metallic accessories. It is definitely a surprising fact about a brass knuckle. But, you should try it once and you will give this idea to others soon.

4. Automobile Decoration:

The modern-day life has its own advantages and complications. One of the greatest complexities of this life is the invention of the wheel.

Today, we are so addicted to this invention that we barely walk on our feet. This love for vehicles further compels us to embellish them in the best possible ways. One such ideal way is to use a brass knuckle for this purpose.

Believe it or not, people are now actually using it as a valuable car accessory. You will often find a knuckle steering or a door handle on various customized cars.

If you are also fond of cherishing your vehicle, go for this option.

5. Fighting Weapon:

Street fighting is quite common in most parts of the world. It is often considered as an exhibition of a man's strength and bravery. Therefore, for a teenager boy, winning this fight is a matter of life and death.

If you are also a maniac of this type of fighting, you should immediately grab a brass knuckle for your self defense. It will incredibly multiply your punching ability and will make it easier for you to knock down your opponents.

People will then praise you for your extraordinarily splendid fighting abilities. I am sure, you are already wondering about experiencing such a marvelous day in your life soon.

So, don’t worry, with this weapon, you will not have to wait much.

6. Ice Smasher:

If you are an admirer of nature, you must have enjoyed the unbearably hot days of summer while sipping chilled cold drinks. If that's true, you must already be thinking of living that moment all over again.

So, what are you waiting for? Aren't you having your favorite cold drink in your refrigerator? Oh wait, did you forget putting it in your refrigerator last night? Well, stop feeling upset.

Smash some ice and drop it in your serving glass. If in case, you don’t want to bear the hassle of smashing Ice, use a knuckle duster. It will instantly help you out.

7. Glass Breaker:

Finding yourself locked in a hotel room or in a kidnapper's trap can surely haunt you. To avoid facing any such troublesome situation, an ideal solution is to keep a brass knuckle with you all the time.

Even though it is not as sharp as a knife's blade or as fast as a rifle's bullet, it can still do wonders. Yes, you heard it right, you can easily break glass with this multipurpose tool.

It will surely save you from the anxiety of feeling helpless under any such horrible circumstances.

8. Bottle Opener:

A chilled cold drink is an irresistible call of joy for all. However, it is extremely irritating to find a bottle opener sometimes. This useless search sometimes annoys you up to an extent that you turn down the idea of having a cold drink.

If you have often faced such a problematic situation, you must try using knuckles as bottle openers. They are always going to stay around your knuckles and thus, you will never have to face the hassle of finding them in time of need.

brass knuckle bottle opener

What a useful idea it is! Stop praising it, implement it as a useful hack. In this way, you will praise it even more.

9. Prop for Plays And Skits:

A knuckle tool has a distinctive place in the field of performing arts when it comes to the rising trend of the brass knuckle. It is, in fact, one of the most used martial arts weapons the world over. Apart from that, people also use it as a prop in plays and stage performances.

Believe it or not but it actually adds a realistic touch to their role as a fighter or a warrior. This ultimately multiplies the impact of their performance and compels the audience to give it a clap.

Similarly, if you are confused about selecting a costume for the upcoming Halloween party, wear a skull knuckle accessory. Your friends are definitely going to praise you for this choice.

After all, such Variants of this tool are highly popular among youth.

10. Brass Knuckle Knife - The Historical Collectible:

Weapon enthusiasts are always in search of weapons that they can preserve for generations to come. This weapon is undoubtedly one of the most precious tools that they must keep in their collection.

The brass knuckle knife, also called trench knife, was first used during World War I by the US soldiers who fought in trenches. Digging into the historic importance of this useful weapon can further compel you to count it among the best of your collectibles.

uses of brass knuckle knife

Just hold it in your hand once. Then, keenly observe its flawless beauty. You will get to know how commendable this weapon is. Also, it will be a perfect collectible for enthusiasts! 

11. Home Decor Purposes:

Everyone desires to decorate their house with the most precious and intricate decor items currently available in the market. But at times, it is not easy for you to step out of your budget to grab such expensive objects.

Well, if you are facing any such situation, a brass knuckle is an ideal choice for you. This will not weigh too heavy on your pocket and will not let to make any compromise on choosing the best for your space.

It will soon make you praise your decision of buying this as a decorative item. So, don't you want to adorn the entire look of your house? Do you want to fall prey to financial limitations?

If you don't, grab this weapon and say hi to your dream of embellishing each and every nook of your place.

Brass Knuckle - Your Multipurpose Tool:

So, get your brass knuckles and ensure to have the perfect multipurpose tool in your collection. It would be a gorgeous accessory to wear and a badass self defense tool for survival.

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