How to Use a Butterfly Knife

Exploring different types of knives, you may find many. There are some fascinating knives that will blow your mind. One of the knives that I find the most interesting is the butterfly knife. This is a knife getting popular these days. 

A butterfly knife is also called a balisong knife and is used for several different purposes. It is a multipurpose knife which offers numerous uses. However, it is a knife with a very interesting and strange mechanism. 

Many people hate using knives they don’t understand but this knife fascinates people and they are inclined towards using it. So, how to use a butterfly knife? We have come up with a detailed guide. Since we all know what sort of knife it is, let’s explore its features and uses! 

A balisong is different from regular knives. It is a knife considered too dangerous to handle due to a strange mechanism. It has a different number of handles and a very sharp and sturdy blade. 

Hence, it becomes quite hard to use for anyone who is exposed to it for the first time. There are a few instructions for the beginners to this knife. We are here with a detailed guide for the beginners. If you are new to this knife, ensure to read this entire guide and learn more about using the knife. Here is everything you should know as a beginner! 

What is a Butterfly Knife?

Are you curious to know “what is balisong?” A balisong or butterfly knife is actually a very unique knife. This knife is different from a regular knife. It comes with two handles and one blade. There are two handles that can be moved and folded together while the blade is concealed between the handles. 

Butterfly knife

The knife looks strange but is actually a very useful one. There is a locking mechanism installed in it. When the handles are connected, they are locked together to prevent them from moving. Similarly, they are locked to open or close the blade. So, this knife comes up as a quite unique and strange knife, and known to be a butterfly or a balisong knife. 

How to Use a Butterfly Knife?

A butterfly knife is not the easiest knife to use. It is quite difficult to use for beginners and those who are not familiar with it. Using this knife is not as difficult as it seems. However, you can learn to use it in a perfect manner. 

Let me tell you that a balisong knife can be dangerous for the user if he is not familiar with it. Therefore, you have to practice using it. Learn how it operates and then start using it to avoid any injuries. A balisong knife is actually a multipurpose knife and can be used for different purposes. Following are the uses of this knife:

  • Playing Tricks

The most prominent use of a butterfly or a balisong knife is to play tricks. There are two knives that are often used for this purpose. These include a karambit knife and a balisong knife. 

Butterfly knives

Among these two cool knives, a balisong is more popular and is easy to try and play many tricks. Since there are two handles and one blade, you can try and play different tricks with it. 

  • Self Defense

You can use a butterfly knife for self defense as well. It is a knife with a very powerful blade. You can cause some severe injuries to the attackers and wild animals with this powerful blade and save your life from the attackers. So, yes it is a good enough self defense weapon. 

  • Everyday Cutting Work

It is also a useful everyday carry knife. You can keep the blade concealed or locked and carry it in your pocket as your cool pocket knives. There is a sturdy blade that can be powerful and strong to cut anything with ease. In the end, it can be your desired everyday carry tool. 

Butterfly Knife Can Be Deadly Dangerous

Since a balisong knife is different from the regular knives, it is quite difficult to handle. You are new to a knife which has two handles. One is the safe handle while the other is the bite handle. This is the dangerous side of the knife. 

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Also, there is a powerful and sturdy blade which can cause severe damage. If you are careless, you can easily get injured. Accidental injuries are likely with this knife, specifically if you are a beginner and exposed to this knife for the first time. 

Get a Butterfly Knife Trainer

So, what can you do to avoid injuries?  Well, the first thing you can do is get a butterfly knife trainer. It is a real knife with one exception. There is not a real blade. There is a blunt blade which has no sharpness at all. 

Butterfly Knife Trainer

Otherwise, the trainer knife is similar to the real balisong. It is often called a balisong trainer. The blade of this practice knife does not have the ability to cause injuries. It is made for practice purposes. Therefore, you can practice using this knife and learn how to use it without worrying about injuries. 

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Practice Hard on the Trainer Before Switching to Real Knife

So, you have to spend some time practicing on the butterfly knife trainer before you move to the real one. Considering that you are a beginner, better stay on the trainer version because it is safe. It does not pose any threat of injuries. 

Learn how to use a butterfly knife effectively before you consider yourself an expert. Only move to the real knife if you have the expertise and you can handle the knife without causing yourself an injury. 

Play Your Butterfly Knife Tricks Safely

One thing people often do with knives is play tricks on them. The two most popular knives for playing tricks include a karambit knife and the butterfly knife. Tricksters often choose balisong in this regard. 

There are many butterfly knife tricks that you can try and play. However, if you want to do so, make sure to use the trainer knife rather than the original one. You will be safe while playing tricks on this blunt bladed practice knife. So, this is all you need to know as a beginner to the balisong!