In Paintball, when a player is eliminated from the game and all of their paintballs are exhausted, they must leave the field via a designated entry point...or go to jail. In some fields, this exit or entrance point is marked with a "paintball pistol." This item is usually situated right at the end of the field's boundary so as to ensure that once out of the playing area, players have no choice but to use it. 

It can be used either by players who want to get away without having to walk past other players on their way out, or those who want to make an escape at full speed through the opposing team by shooting two paintballs. It's often considered cheating, but some will argue that those who use it "deserve to lose." What many players fail to realize is that the paintball pistol is illegal and considered unfair when used. 

From a legal standpoint, it's considered the same as requiring that players leave the field via a designated exit point. But worse than being unfair or even unethical, it can be downright dangerous. The result of using a paintball pistol as an exit can be fatal. In fact, in June 2007, a 17-year-old in Kentucky was shot in the lower back by one of his friends while attempting to use one at an endgame scenario. The injury was so severe that emergency surgery was required to save his life. 

What is a Paintball Pistol?

A paintball pistol is a type of gun used for playing paintball games. Paintballs are the ammunition for this gun. One version of this pistol is called a "speedloader", which reloads automatically when all balls have been shot. There are many different types of pistols, but the most well-known is the pump style. It's manually operated, so you have to push in a lever or handle to put air in and shoot each time you want to fire at your opponents.

These pistols come in manual or semi-automatic styles and have magazines that hold anywhere from 10-30 rounds at one time. The guns can have one or two barrels and they come in various colors, with each model having their own unique features. Because of the ammunition used in paintball games, these pistols are not allowed to be carried onto airplanes. Also, the paintballs themselves are considered a form of a projectile, which means that it is illegal to shoot at animals, people, and property.

A pistol is essentially a gun that shoots paintballs from a magazine. Usually, this gun has an integrated shoulder stock for better control of the firearm when firing rapidly or at close range. The most common type of pistol is pump-action models; however, there are also semi-automatic models available as well. 

These pistols will come in a range of shapes that vary in power, longevity, and ease of use. The most common type of pistol is the semi-automatic. These models do not have the ammunition hopper that is located in the center of the gun, instead, it has two barrels. Some models also have extra grips to help with controlling your aim when firing rapidly or at close range. 

Key Rules of Playing Paintball

If you're looking for the best way to still be able to defend yourself in a paintball scenario, consider investing in a paintball pistol. These guns typically have less power than what is seen in the traditional rifle but are lighter weight and smaller with shorter range capabilities. They are designed as one-handed weapons which means that they're ideal for quick and easy draw and target acquisition. Take a look at six major rules of playing paintball with a pistol:

1. NOT Designed to be a Long-range Weapon

The short barrel and smaller caliber of a pistol means that accuracy is going to suffer more than that of a traditional rifle. While the pistol will be able to fire higher than the standard .68 caliber, the need for accuracy requires players to be mindful of how much they're shooting.

2. NOT Preferred Weapon for Capturing Someone from a Distance

The small size and longer range capabilities can lead players into situations where targets are virtually out of range of capture, but close enough to easily be shot with the shorter barrel and lack of power or ability to accurately place the shots on target.

3. NOT Preferred Choice for Quick, Close Combat Situations

The small size of a paintball pistol makes it difficult for a player to run in and quickly take down another player without having his or her cover blown.

4. Weapons For Near Targets

The ideal playing conditions for a paintball pistol are those that don't require you to be far away from your target because it doesn't have the power or accuracy that will allow you to capture your target from afar.

5. Easy to Conceal with Two Hands

A weapon like this isn't a "run in and gun" kind of weapon as you'll be more likely to get shot if you're running with your arm out trying to aim at someone.

6. The Best Used in Combination with Other Weapons

While a paintball pistol has its strengths, it can also be combined with bigger guns for improved accuracy and for the expansion of range capabilities of the smaller gun. Players must be aware of these strengths and weaknesses so that they aren't accidentally caught by surprise while playing on the field.

Safety Gear to Use for Paintball

Safety equipment to use for these pistols: Types of safety gear to use with a paintball pistol is detailed below: 

  • Mask

A mask is very important to wear in relation to a paintball gun because it protects the eyes and faces from projectiles that have left the barrel of the gun or have been shot by others at you or others on your team. There are many different types of paintball masks to choose from so you should select one that fits your face properly. The mask should also be of good quality to ensure that it is light and comfortable and will not interfere with your field of vision. 

  • Gloves

Some people use gloves while playing paintball to protect their hands from contact with other players or the ground. Also, if a projectile hits your finger, it is less likely for the finger to break when you have a strong glove protecting the flesh around the fingertip. 

Gloves also help prevent pain from shots on your hand that might come at an awkward angle and hit an unprotected area of flesh or bone. Finally, gloves are useful for the times when you need to adjust your paintball marker and you do not want to touch the metal or plastic parts of your paintball gun. 

  • Barrel Sock

A barrel sock is a tube-shaped piece of rubber that fits over the barrel of a paintball pistol so that projectiles cannot exit it. This safety device is used because, at times, the person playing with the gun may be hit in places where they would not prefer to be hit (such as a prominent part of their body or possibly their face). Wearing a barrel sock at times can protect these areas from being hit by a paintball. It is important, however, to wear proper protection such as a mask to protect your face when you have this on. 

  • Chest Protector

A chest protector is used when playing paintball to protect the chest and back of the person wearing it. This piece of safety equipment is worn under clothing underneath your outer shirt. It can help prevent the person wearing it from being hit in their torso area which could cause bruising or even broken bones due to the force of the projectile hitting them.

  • Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

These are optional pieces of safety gear because some people like to play paintball with them and others do not. The knee pads and elbow pads are used to protect the knee area and the outside of the arm, respectively. 

People use these safety items because they do not want skin on their knees or elbows to be scraped by getting hit by projectiles while playing or practicing paintball. Also, they can be used to protect other parts of your body such as your hands from getting hit by a projectile when adjusting your marker in a game setting.

  • Hearing Protection

This piece of safety gear is also optional for those using a paintball pistol because it is only used if you are playing in a game setting where there are other people or multiple guns shooting. Though this item is optional, it can be highly recommended since constant shooting can damage your hearing over time and cause permanent impairment. 

If you are going to play with a paintball marker and do not want to risk losing your hearing, then consider using this safety item. These are the most common types of safety equipment to use with a paintball pistol so that you can remain safe when playing with one.