Are you a huge fan of Bruce Lee and are inspired by him? Or are you just a martial arts lover who is obsessed with exceptional weapons and tools? Well, whoever you are, it doesn’t matter as you will enjoy playing with Nunchucks and having fun with them.

And we assure you that it will be very entertaining. But before we go any further, let us first have a brief introduction on Nunchucks.

Foam Nunchucks are the invention of feudal Japan and is a very renowned equipment of martial arts. They are also known as Nunchaku, chuka sticks and karate sticks and comprise of two sticks mostly made up of metal and wood and connected to each other with a chain.

Other than wooden or metal Nunchucks, plastic and foam Nunchucks are also available in market which are used for safe training and practice. But did you know that training yourself on the art of Nunchakus is good for your physical fitness as well?

Nunchakus allow you to develop fast moves especially hand movements and that is why they are known for increasing focus and maintaining fitness level of an individual.

You learn how to own your body and your body becomes flexible as well. Nunchucks are widely used in martial arts especially in Karate and also help you channel your body’s energy properly.

Wooden Nunchucks also hold a great importance in self defense. Let us just consider a scenario. You are walking through a rough area and get yourself in a street fight.

At first, it’s just fist fighting but suddenly the situation gets really out of hand and your opponent takes out a knife and lunges at you to attack you with it.

Now what? His intentions are pretty clear as he is continuously trying to attack you viciously with his knife.

foam nunchucks

You are totally at his mercy and may be dead in a few minutes, well not minutes, seconds if you do nothing to stop him. But what would your hands do against his big, scary knife? Your hands can’t but Nunchucks can! You can use metal.

Nunchucks to block his attacks and strike him too. But how? Well, let us learn how by having a look at some very basic yet essential techniques on how to use Nunchucks, so you are always equipped with the best in any self defense situation.

1- Blocking

The first and foremost step in a fight is to block the attacks of your opponent and you must master it to avoid injuries and blood loss which may weaken you. There are actually three types of blocking techniques which one can perform using Nunchucks.

  • The Overhead Block

If your opponent is heading to attack your head, then an overhead block also known as a high block will be the best option for you. The technique is pretty simple, all you have to do is hover the real Nunchucks for sale above your head by stretching it there. This will block all attacks which your opponent may aim for your head.

  • The Rear Block

The rear block is also like the overhead block. The only difference is that the overhead block helps you block attacks that are aimed for you upper body and a rear block saves your lower body from attacks.

  • The Side Block

The side block also blocks attacks but only those which are meant for the sides of your body so for this type of block you just have to place your hand holding the Nunchuck on the side of your body.

2- Striking

After blocking, the next step is to strike your opponent so you may knock him down and win the combat. There are basically four types of striking techniques which you can perform using Nunchucks.

  • Horizontal Strike

The horizontal strike is simply a strike that an individual can perform by striking the Nunchuck sideways across the opponent’s body.

  • Vertical Down Strike

The vertical down strike is to cause mostly head injuries as in this technique the Nunchuck is brought down vertically down from above.

  • Vertical Up Strike

The Vertical Up Strike is quite opposite to the Vertical Down Strike and in this one you move your Nunchuck in the upward direction in the form of a strike.

  • Diagonal Strike

A Diagonal Strike is the one in which you strike the Nunchucks in diagonals. Your strike may be upward or downward, however you like and want.

3- Hand Roll

The Hand Roll may sound to be simple but is actually a bit complex and falls under the category of advanced Nunchaku techniques.

For a hand roll, hold one end of the Nunchuck in your hand and flip the other side over your hand. You will see that by doing this, the chain of the Nunchuck will go around your hand.

When this happens, just flip the Nunchuck by letting go of one side and capturing the other one. You can perform the Hand Roll in the reverse direction as well to reach back to the starting position.

4- Figure Eight

One of the most renowned Nunchucks technique is the Figure Eight. Are you wondering that why is the technique known as Figure Eight and how can one pull it off? Well, all you have to do is hold one side of the chuka sticks in your hand and pretend to make a figure eight with the other end of them.

It’s all about how you use your wrist and is bound to confuse your opponent. The faster you go with your Nunchaku, the more momentum they will gain and the more solid its thrust will be.

Playing around with Nunchucks may sound to be fun which is, actually, but special care must be taken while practicing with them.

Some people even started calling them “Numb Chucks” instead of “Nunchucks” because of the immense rate at which people were injuring themselves with Nunchucks.

Funny. Right? But let us assure you that it is definitely not funny when one gets hit and injured by one’s own moves. Always choose techniques which are fast, unexpected and which you excel at.

Just follow these simple rules and you will get the knack of practicing self-defense using Nunchucks for sale. Practice makes perfect and that’s what Bruce Lee says too in his below-mentioned quote.

“I am not afraid of a person who knows 10000 kicks. But I am afraid of a person who knows one kick but practices it for 10000 times.”


Bruce Lee