self defense weapons

Non-lethal self defense weapons are among the most favored defensive tools. These weapons provide a great deal of confidence to those who are afraid of using guns.

Apart from that, most of these weapons are legal in almost all parts of the world. This further relieves people of the hassle of bearing legal consequences. Similarly, these weapons are exclusively designed in a compact size. This is what gives them their 'travel-friendly' features.

However, despite these advantages, people have associated certain myths and misconceptions with these. Let us have a look at the most popular ones.

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1.  Pepper Spray:

Women are often harassed and targeted at their workplace. Independent women and single mothers are specifically victimized. If you are also going through any such circumstances, pepper spray is the right choice for you.

It is one of those self defense weapons that can help you work and travel freely. This is also an ideal tool for those who live under the threat of an unexpected attack.

pepper spray

Hence, people often fall prey to numerous myths that surround them. These are listed below.
  • Pepper Spray can cause permanent blindness.
  • It can react with the victim’s skin.
  • It can cause a person to faint.
  • This weapon can cause a heart attack.
  • It can even lead to a person's sudden death out of panic.
All these perceptions are absolutely illogical about these self defense weapons. They have no connection with reality. In fact, these are intended to pull the wool over the user's eye. Search for the facts before making a decision or drawing any conclusion.

2.  Stun Gun:

This weapon is among the most powerful self defense weapons. It works incredibly well and instantly makes the attacker unable to attack any further.

People love this weapon for its ease of use. They also prefer this one for its compact size and affordable price. What else can you wish for in a defensive weapon?

Stun Gun

If you are planning to buy a stun gun, consult people who are actually experienced. Also, please don’t believe in the myths listed below.
  • The current passing by a stun gun can kill a person.
  • It can paralyze a person.
  • It can cause sudden death.
  • This weapon is not a reliable tool to invest in.
  • It is a battery-operated tool and its batteries can go out of function anytime.
Out of all these above-mentioned myths, only the last one is somewhat true. Nevertheless, you can avoid facing any such trouble by keeping a spare battery with you. This way this tool is a tool worth buying.

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3.  Kabutan:

Most of you must have never heard of a kabutan. Obviously, you must have never seen it. Well, if this is true, you are actually missing out on one of the great self defense weapons.

Apparently, this weapon looks like a pair of two sticks, but if used effectively, it can seriously harm the attacker. It serves as a great defensive tool in most parts of the world.


But unfortunately, people have numerous misconceptions about this as well.

Let us warn you about what you are going to hear when buying this tool.
  • It is a useless thing to buy.
  • These two sticks are too ordinary to restrict the attacker from harming you.
  • There is no point in buying this weapon if you are not trained to use it.
  • It's an ancient weapon that is of no use in today's world.
  • This tool is perfect for martial arts artists only.
All these myths have nothing to do with reality. You really don’t need to believe in any of these. Yes, you need some sort of training but you can easily get it online.

4.  Baton:

Baton is just a pair of two sticks joined together by a chain. The material of the sticks varies as per the demand of the customer or the preference of the manufacturer.

But, the basic design remains the same. This tool is generally carried by law enforcement agents. Nevertheless, expandable batons can potentially serve as a worthy self defense weapons.

Self Defense Baton

The most common myths about these are listed below.
  • These can fracture a person's bone.
  • These are of no use because the attacker might get hold of it.
  • You can’t use it until and unless you are a law enforcement agent.
  • You can’t use it if you are not familiar with the distinct techniques of using this weapon effectively.
  • Using this weapon in public can land you in great legal trouble.
Out of all these, the doubt of legal issues is somewhat true. For this, you just need to have a better understanding of the rules and laws in your area of residence.

5.  Pocket Knives:

Pocket knives effectively serve as multipurpose tools that rule over the people's hearts for years. From serving your day-to-day needs to acting as a self defense weapon, these are absolutely reliable.

pocket knife

These knives come in two distinct types. They are listed below.

    • Foldable Knives:

These knives provide the user with a greater level of safety and security. These knives are preferred by those who often go outside and need to ensure their security.

Such knives offer one-hand deployment, as well as, they are easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

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    • Switchblade Knives:

These types of knives are controversial in terms of their opening mechanism. These are extremely easy to open and thus, are ideal to defend yourself in an emergency situation.

Self defense weapons like these can save you out of situations where you have completely lost hope of survival.

The most heard myths about these knives are discussed below in detail.
      • The switchblade knives can open on their own causing great harm.
      • These are illegal in all parts of the world.
      • These are kept by people who are involved in criminal activities.
      • You can’t use it because it requires a lot of courage to use this weapon.
      • Sometimes, keeping this weapon can land you in a difficult situation.
Yes, legal implications on these knives are strict and these are potentially able to harm you. But with slight care and research, you can easily overcome these troubles. It will let you avail the benefits of this useful tool.

6.  Brass Knuckles:

Whether you are wearing them as an accessory or you are using them for defense, these are splendid. From their looks to their usage, brass knuckles are highly popular.

If you search about knuckles, you will get to know some amazing facts about their role in ancient history. These may also be considered as a multipurpose tool as they can serve a number of distinct purposes.

brass knuckles

People value these Knuckles, but they are sometimes told about falsified beliefs about these. Let us have a look at them.
  • Knuckles can also harm the user.
  • Wearing them continuously and constantly can create a permanent gap between your fingers.
  • These weapons are not travel-friendly since metal detectors can detect them as weapons.
  • No one can use them effectively until and unless they are trained to use them.
  • These can cause irreparable muscle damage to the victim.
All these myths are based on illogical mythical grounds. These are intended to haunt a person who has just decided to spend on these exemplary weapons.

7.  Ninja Shuriken:

Most of the people don’t have a clear idea of these self defense weapons. They generally spend on these weapons out of their love for Ninjas.

Otherwise, they are not really familiar with their utility as a worthy weapon. People even consider these as toys but this needs to be condemned.

ninja stars

Other popular myths about these weapons are listed below in detail.
  • People believe that only Ninja stars are called Shuriken. However, every Ninja throwing weapon is a Shuriken.
  • You need to train yourself to use these.
  • These are not effective in restricting the attacker from harming you.
  • These weapons are not very popular among people who are not fond of Ninjas.
  • These are used only as martial arts weapons.
  • These knuckles are only for harming an attacker who is far away from you.
These are useless concepts and thus, people really need to search thoroughly about the utility of these weapons. This will surely get you out of the bubble.

Myths or Facts?

Well, the interesting news is that most of the myths regarding these self defense weapons are not facts, just the myths that are untrue! 

Search is the only way of avoiding the impact of these misconceptions. If you are planning to invest in these self defense weapons, you must have profound knowledge about them. You must also be able to define their utility in your life.

Besides this, you must also have some knowledge about these in your area of residence. Else, the lack of knowledge can surely land you in great trouble.