Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns - Things You Need to Know as a Parent

Posted by Knives Deal on 6/10/2019

Remember as a kid, what your activities were. I still recall some memories of playing with toy guns, and it was fun really! In our era, there were no smartphones and we had time to get to the playgrounds and play several outdoor games. Honestly, I was never afraid of using the guns that could fire plastic-made bullets to my friends, and the same goes for them. But, since I have become a parent, my fears have enhanced. Now, I feel uncomfortable when I see my kids playing with such guns. But, why? Though I know these guns are not lethal, still there are several innate fears. These fears run through my mind and make me forbid my children from playing with airsoft guns.

My children were eager to use airsoft guns since they discovered them. I believe the popularity of these guns is at the peak, and not even the kids but elders are also involved in plays with these guns. I just could not prevent my children from using these guns outside. I was never in favor of these guns for some typical parenting reasons. First of all, I was afraid of the guns that could do some damage to the eyes of the kids. Secondly, I feared that using guns may promote violence among them. However, to be honest, I was completely wrong. Since I have learned about airsoft guns, I let my kids play with them for as long as they want. Also, I often join them on the field to enjoy the thrill of airsoft gaming as well.

I am a happy parent now for a few particular reasons. I have managed to keep my children away from the smartphones which I believe every parent of today desperately want. Secondly, I have managed to keep them on the playgrounds for several health benefits. Now, I have come to a stage where I recommend every parent to let your kids play with airsoft guns. But, before you allow them, and buy these guns for your kids, there are a few fundamental things you must be aware of as a parent.

1. Airsoft Guns Resemble the Real Firearms

Airsoft guns are the replica guns that resemble the real firearms. They are exactly similar to the real ones with a single exception. These guns don’t fire real bullets. Many parents stick their attention to the bullets when they hear the word “guns”. They never focus on the word “airsoft” and create a feeling that these are the lethal firearms. This makes them forbid their kids to use these replica guns. When we talk about replicas, we don’t necessarily mean the exact copy, there have to be a few exceptions.

In case of airsoft guns, these sound like guns, but they certainly aren’t the real guns. They fire plastic made pellets that we often call the BBs. The BBs are only made of plastic and are quite soft to play with. However, they provide a very realistic firing experience. It seems as if you are shooting with a real gun, but you know that the bullets coming out of it are not the real. The parts of the guns are identical to the real firearms. Hence, a complete resemblance of the real guns.

2. Airsoft Guns are Safe

Many parents have misunderstood airsoft guns due to one reason. We often talk about the safety concerns associated with these guns, but we don’t engage the type of injury they can cause in our conversations. What sort of injury the plastic BBs can cause? In fact, they can do nothing except a slight, temporary pain. As mentioned above, airsoft guns are the replica guns that never fire the real bullets, rather the plastic-made BBs. This makes these guns absolutely safe to play with.

Coming back to the misconceptions, several parents think that their kids would be vulnerable to injuries as there are safety equipment regarded essential for the airsofters. Yes indeed, the safety equipment is crucial, but the injury caused by these guns are not very severe. Imagine a plastic BB hitting you at a pace of 350 FPS, how much damage can it cause? Unless you keep your eyes secure from the BBs, the rest of the body is never vulnerable. The BBs would have no effect on other parts of the body. When we talk about safety, we usually talk about the safety of eyes, face and other sensitive areas.

3. Safety Equipment is an Essential in Any Case

So, as a parent you must take care of your kids when they are playing with airsoft guns. One way of making sure that they remain safe and secure is by forcing them to wear the safety equipment.Obviously you want your kids to prevent any injuries to their faces and protections. A plastic BB still has the capacity to seriously injure your eye or other sensitive areas. So, keep in mind that the safety equipment is an essential thing when playing with these guns. Your kid may end up losing one of his eyes if he has failed to wear appropriate safety equipment.

While you are permitting your kids to play with airsoft guns, advise them, rather than force them to wear eye protection and face protection. Head to the market to purchase different safety equipment before even allowing your children to get on the field to play airsoft games. Make sure that they have worn the necessary eye protection and face protection before picking their guns. So, in any case, protection is essential. Whether they are playing games or just doing some random firing, you must take the responsibility to force them to wear the safety equipment.

4. There is a Learning Curve For Your Kids

Remember airsoft guns are the replica guns of some real firearms. For instance, you can get the exact replica rifles, pistols and even the sniper rifles. These guns offer similar firing mechanisms as the real ones. Also, the parts and sometimes the sound are similar as well. Hence, there is an opportunity for your kids to learn about the guns. They would know how to operate the real guns along with the firing mechanism and the way the bullet is loaded in the magazine and fired. Once they start using it, there would be a great learning curve for them.

Also, it is not just about the guns, there are far more things to learn. They would learn shooting and improve their target hitting ability. A few days of target practice would make them capable shooters. Also, they would learn how to hit the target from a distance. In addition, playing airsoft games is a wonderful way of learning things like making strategies. It would make them learn defensive strategies and adopting different tactics to pick up a win. If you want your kids to develop some skills, allow them to play different airsoft games.

5. Health Benefits are Obvious

Here is a thing you must know as a parent! You ideally want your kids to stay away from the mobile phones and computer games for the sake of their health. Airsoft guns are just the right thing in this regard. They would involve them in several physical activities. Airsoft games require the players to run around the field, hide from the opponents and launch fires against them. This helps a lot in building stamina of the kids. Also, it enhances their physical fitness. Airsoft gaming is nothing less than a great exercise. So, what would you prefer, your kids on the field improving their health or using smartphones at home?

Apart from physical fitness, airsoft games are excellent in enhancing mental strength of your kids. While playing these games, the kids would need to develop strategies and tactics to win the games. This would sharpen their minds! Such skills are quite essential and your kids establishing these skills at this stage would be highly advantageous. So, airsoft guns are quite useful in improving both physical and mental health.

6. Airsoft Gaming is More than Fun!

Airsoft is actually a sport and the real purpose of airsoft guns is to play this sport. The airsofters tend to equip themselves with these guns and step on the field to play scenario-based games. There are many airsoft games played in the field, such as President, Sniper and Zombie etc. However, it is not necessary to take your kids to the fields. Rather, you can choose an appropriate place where there is no interruption or no interference from the others. Also, it must be a sufficient and safe place to play the games. There is nothing more exciting and thrilling than these games.

Your kids must be a part of this brilliant activity. As they engage in different airsoft games, they have fun. Also, winning the game is an incredible feeling. There are plenty of benefits of playing these scenario-based games. First of all, it broadens their minds and secondly, improves their physical fitness. Apart from wellbeing, it is a fantastic activity that will make sure your kids lose interest in smartphones. Why won’t you let them enjoy themselves every weekend after a hectic schedule at the school?

7. Several Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Airsoft guns don't just let you play airsoft games, there are numerous other activities that can be played with these guns. One of the coolest activities is the target practice. You can engage your kids in this fine activity to raise their skill-set. It would be nice to practice their target-hitting and improve their abilities. Never just stick to one activity, be creative and discover more things to do with these replica firearms. Target practice is just an example!

Airsoft guns can also be useful for small game hunting in some cases. For instance, small birds like sparrows can be hunted with the plastic BBs. If not, they can knock them down. Airsoft rifles have better speed and accuracy and are ideal for such activities. So, search for some airsoft rifles that offer greater speed (FPS). Your kids would find these activities entertaining and thrilling. Don’t be reluctant to involve them in these activities because in my opinion they are better than being at home and using smartphones and social media.

8. You Can Engage With Your Children

A great way of giving the much-needed time to your kids is by getting involved in the plays. While your kids are heading to the ground to play airsoft games and involved in any outdoor activity featuring guns, join them to experience the thrill of airsoft. This is one way you can stay close to your children and give them the time they deserve to get. When parents are involved with the children, their excitement level strengthens. They would be more free to enjoy the airsoft sport and all other outdoor activities. The best way is to involve in airsoft games. This is a platform that allows you to involve your entire family. Your better half and you would have some memorable time with your children on the field. You can also teach them how to make some tactics to win the competition. Most importantly, you can monitor your kids.

9. Monitoring Kids is Necessary

Monitoring your kids is quite essential, specifically when they are equipped with airsoft guns. This is something you must be careful about when your kids are playing with these firearms. Make sure to spend maximum monitoring them on the field. First of all, makes sure they never take off their safety equipment. Remind them again and again regarding the significance of their safety. Also, make sure to monitor their attitude towards other kids. Don’t let them get angry over other kids during the game and make them learn the sportsman spirit and honesty. Also, remind them to follow the rules and avoid violation of the game and safety principles.

Parents should also keep in mind that airsoft guns can lead to violent behavior of the kids. This is where you have to play a key role in their development. Monitor their activities closely and make them learn how to accept the defeat. The best way to do so is by playing with them. Your kids will follow your footsteps. Hence, lose the games and accept the defeats with courage so that your kids develop some courage and patience.

Allow Your Kids to Play with Airsoft Guns More Often!

I hope you have completely understood what airsoft guns are. Yes, they are safe to play with for your kids, but you just can’t ignore the safety concerns. As a parent, you should be aware of all safety issues associated with your kids playing with these replica guns. The best way to keep an eye on your kids is by accompanying them while playing. You can just engage in the airsoft sport and monitor your kids’ activities with the guns. Also, if possible, allow them to do as many outdoor activities as they can. After all, it is the perfect way of getting rid of video games and smartphones.

Based on some tremendous benefits offered by the airsoft guns, let your kids play with them. Make sure you provide them every opportunity to improve their well-being. A few activities, such as airsoft sport would enhance their physical fitness as well as mental strength. Also, don’t forget there is a massive learning opportunity for them as well. So, as a parent, I suggest you to be positive and allow your kids to play with airsoft guns. However, I repeat, make sure to get safety equipment for your kids as well to ensure their safety!

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