King Arthur Excalibur Legendary Sword With Display Wall Plaque

41" Overall King Arthur Excalibur Legendary Sword With Display Wall Plaque
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Excalibur is a legendary sword of King Arthur, sometimes called the King Arthur Sword. It is also attributed with some magical powers and sometimes associated with the Arthurian legend. Arthur drew the sword out of a stone when he was a small boy. He was believed to have pulled it out from the stone where it was fixed magically. This is the best replica Excalibur sword for you to buy. This quality sword is well-constructed and is a masterpiece to have in your arsenal. It is ideal for display, thanks to that wall plaque.

This Legendary Excalibur Sword comes with the wooden Display Wall Plaque. The blade is made up of a 420 stainless steel blade. Zinc alloy metal handle with leather wrapped for the perfect grip. Huge and heavy weight sword. Excellent craftsmanship is what defines this sword. This masterpiece sword deserves a place in your arsenal. If you are a sword collector, make sure to get this legendary sword in your collection. Buy your excalibur sword now from Knives Deal at the cheapest price. Place your order and get free shipping for any order over $99. 

  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Come with wooden display wall plaque
  • Overall Length: 41"
  • Blade Length: 31"
  • Handle Length: 8.5"
  • Guard Length: 8.5"

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