Kirito Kirigaya Dark Repulsor WarFoam LARP Sword SAO Cosplay Costume

Kirito Kirigaya Dark Repulsor Foam LARP WarFoam SAO Cosplay Costume
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This is an awesome replica of Kirito's Dark Repulser WarFoam Sword. This foam sword is green and has turquoise to match the Elucidator sword, also carried by Kirito. It is a perfect cosplay replica. The sword has intriguing level of detail in the paint work. Each little detail is executed with precision and using automotive-quality paints to produce this striking replica sword.

  • High Density Flexible Foam
  • High Quality Color Coating
  • The blade is made of foam with a plastic inner core.
  • Overall Length: 38"
  • Handle Length: 8"
  • Blade Length: 28 1/2"

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