Links Ornate Prophecy Hero Sky Video Game Replica Sword Collectable

Links Ornate Prophecy Hero Sky Video Game Replica Sword Collectable. Overall Length: 50 Inches in Scabbard
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This sword is magnificent in design and size.  This Skyward sword is a whopping 50 inches in length.  How fantastic.  This sword comes about by Link being led to the island where the statue of Hylia is and where the spirit of the Goddess Sword is residing within the statue. Link draws the sword, showing that he is to be the prophesied hero who will finally destroy Demise. This blade is made from carbon steel with the Triforce symbol and runes down the center fuller on both sides.  The guard and pommel are zinc aluminum with a brushed antique gold finish.  The hilt is made from wood with blue faux leather wrap and sea green faux leather that has been crisscrossed down the length.  Not only is the sword beautiful but the sheath is too. It is made from wood wrapped in blue faux leather wrap.  Gold Triforce accents adorn the front and back.


  • Overall Length: 50 Inches in Scabbard
  • Blade Length: 30 Inches
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 3.6 mm
  • Blade Width: 2.25 Inches
  • Handle Length: 13.50 Inches
  • Handle Material: Wood, Faux Leather
  • Guard Length:  10 Inches
  • Guard Material: Zinc Aluminum
  • Ornate Wooden Scabbard
  • Triforce Detailing

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