Lipstick Tasers & Stun Guns 

Lipstick Stun Gun for All the Ladies Out There!

A lipstick stun gun is actually a stun gun designed in the shape of a lipstick. It facilitates easy and convenient carry of the weapon and the lipstick design makes the stun gun appear as an ordinary cosmetic item. And who would think that a cosmetic item can be dangerous. Right? But a lipstick stun gun is. It is not a real lipstick but is designed like a real one. It has metal prongs for immobilizing the attacker upon contact with his/her skin and gives off an electric shock. Women need a self defense weapon more than anyone and a lipstick stun gun is the best way for them to carry a concealed weapon that would be their defender in dangerous or critical times. 

Beautiful Lipstick Taser & Stun Guns for Sale

Knives Deal stocks one of the best lipstick stun guns & Tasers for sale at the lowest possible rates. Women are victimized more often than men and that is why staying at the top of their self defense game is so important for them. Our lipstick taser gun is a perfect self defense weapon for all the women - working or not working, as you can face threat anywhere, even in the vicinity of your home. Our lipstick taser guns may look small and fragile but are actually very high powered which makes them very effective. Moreover, apart from being so effective, our tasers are very beautifully designed as well. 

Cheapest Stun Gun - Women's Ideal Self Defense Weapon!

Also, this stun gun disguised as lipstick will help you have an edge over your assailant as it becomes very hard to detect its true identity just by looking at it. Also, some of our lipstick stun guns have built-in flashlights to help further in an emergency situation especially in dark. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and provide only the best to our customers. So, browse our collection of the best and most stylishly designed lipstick tasers and make your purchase now at very reasonable rates to take your safety up a notch. 

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