blank firing guns

Blank firing guns have gradually made their distinct place in a world full of bullet guns. These guns are now highly popular among the masses for numerous reasons.

The report of these guns sometimes sounds even louder than the real bullet guns. This is what gives these guns a competitive edge in the worldwide weapon market. You might not believe but in some parts of the world, these guns sell even better than the bullet rifles.

This record-breaking popularity, in turn, urges the manufacturers to invest more in bringing this product to the market. The high prices of these guns sometimes disappoint consumers. However, these continue to rule over their hearts.

Types of Blank Guns! 

Also known as starter pistols and prop guns, blank firing guns are known for providing a realistic firing experience. This is why they are often used in movies and called movie prop guns. 

Also, these guns produce a real firing sound. Similarly, fumes or flames are discharged from these guns to make firing look absolutely real. Also, this is what distinguishes the two types of blank guns!

  • Front Firing Guns are the types of blank guns in which fumes are discharged from the front of the barrel when you pull the trigger to shoot blank ammos. No bullet comes out of the barrel though. 
  • Top Firing Guns are the types of blank firing prop guns in which fumes are discharged from the top of the barrel when you pull the trigger to shoot blank ammos. However, no real bullet comes from the barrel.

7 Best Blank Firing Guns for Sale:

If you are already planning to invest in blank firing guns, here is a list of the options that you must consider.

This weapon is certainly one of the best Blank Firing Guns that you will ever find anywhere. The realistic looks and multiple functions instantly make it occupy a special place in the buyer's heart.

It can potentially curb your thirst for keeping an original bullet rifle. It is because its weight, slide action, mechanism, and report are exactly like a real firing gun. It means that by spending on this 9mm blank gun, you will get a chance to hold and use a harmless real gun.

Isn't it amazing? Have you ever thought of such a useful product before? Well, this is not it.

Zoraki Front Firing M918 Silver Finish 9mm Blank Gun Pistol
The additional features of this gun are listed below.
    • It is a front-firing blank gun.
    • Its report is way too loud and it fires as fast as you can pull its trigger.
    • It is perfect for training and for serving as a Prop in movies.
    • It is semi-automatic and features a double shot mechanism.
    • It is protected by a polymer frame that adds to its durability
    • It exhibits a silver finish and weighs 2.15 lbs.
    • Its height is 5.6 inches.
    • Its length is 8.6 inches.
    • It has a caliber of 9mm P. A. K.

Just like all other blank firing guns, this product is also exceptionally good at serving the purpose of its creation. The most praised feature of this product is its wooden grip. It basically adds a lot to the ergonomic worth of this valuable product.

You may consider it as a manufacturer's gesture of valuing the consumer's hard-earned money. Another noteworthy characteristic of this product is its suitability for various purposes. You can confidently use it for Theatrical or reenactment purposes.

It is also an ideal buy for collectors since it has the ability to satisfy their aesthetic requirements. It goes without saying that this gun also looks as real as an original bullet gun.

Zoraki R1 Silver 6" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Wood Grips

Some other distinct features of this product are given below.
    • It is protected by a zinc alloy frame.
    • It provides you with a double-action mechanism.
    • Its caliber is 9mm P. A. K.
    • It comes with a cleaning brush.
    • A skilled gunsmith can disassemble this gun quite easily.
    • It is a manual gun.
    • It features a silver finish with a wooden grip.
    • It provides you with a single flare extension.

If you are in search of something unique and classy then this rifle is definitely going to dwell in your heart. It features a sleek and stylish design that gives it a different class.

It is equipped with a 6 shot cylinder and is counted among the most reliable blank firing guns.

Aren't you already convinced to invest in this weapon? Even if you are not convinced, you must be intrigued to give it a try once. Right? If that's true, you must read a little more about this attractive blank pistol.

Zoraki R1 6" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Satin Finish

    • The silver satin finish of this weapon makes it a buyer's first choice in the market.
    • It features a double-action mechanism that will let you get benefit from all of its abilities.
    • Its overall length is 10.82 inches.
    • Its height is 5.51 inches.
    • It comes with a cleaning brush that makes it easier for you to maintain its splendid realistic look.
    • It is a manual gun that features a single flare extension.
    • This product comes with a case as well.

This is one of the most popular forms of blank firing guns. People love it for its conventional looks. You may say that this gun features one of the earliest looks of this useful weapon.

Surprisingly, it still continues to maintain its distinctive worth and glory among buyers. It is basically a blank-firing revolver that has the magnificent potential of serving the purpose of its creation.

I can confidently say that this product is a deal to steal. It is because you will never find such a product at this price.

Zoraki R2 2" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black

If you are still not sure, read through the following features of this product once.
    • It can fire 380 blanks as fast as you can pull its trigger.
    • It is protected by a zinc alloy frame.
    • The shiny black finish of this product further tempts the consumer.
    • Its overall length is 6.89 inches.
    • It weighs 1.65 lbs.
    • It is a manual revolver that operates on a dual-action mechanism.
    • It comes with a protective case and a cleaning brush.
    • It is considered as a reliable and durable product in terms of its quality and utility.

The best feature of this front-firing gun is that it can operate in three different modes.

    • Semi-automatic
    • Fully automatic
    • Safety

Apart from that, the design of this product segregates it from all others. It is thus, appropriate for people who are fascinated to buy in stylish weapons.

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To be honest, this product enjoys an unparalleled ergonomic worth. It is also extraordinarily good at performing its job. Besides that, its size and light-weight further attract potential buyers.

M925 9mm Front Firing Blank Auto Machine Gun Pistol

Some other interesting features of this gun are stated below.
    • It exhibits a charcoal black finish.
    • It is protected by a steel frame.
    • The magazine release button is also present at its side.
    • It weighs 2 lbs only.
    • Its height is 5.7 inches.
    • It is 7.7 inches long.
    • It further features a hardened steel cock latch.

How can you resist to spend on blank firing guns of this sort?

This is truly a gift for those who are fond of satin finish blank firing guns. The two-tone appearance of this gun captures every eye. It basically discriminates against this gun from all others.

It is basically manufactured to serve as a great training tool. Police and military officials often use it in realistic training drills. At the same time, it can serve as a great Theatrical prop for all sorts of action-packed scenes. It is a front-firing blank gun and works in double-action mode.

Zoraki 4918 Satin Finish Front Firing Blank Gun

Apart from these, it has several other worthy features listed below. 
    • It is a semi-automatic gun.
    • Its capacity is 18+1 shots.
    • It weighs 2.2 lbs.
    • Its height is 5.6 inches.
    • It is 8.1 inches long.
    • Its polymer frame is what gives this gun its durability.
    • It is a reliable blank firing gun that you cannot resist buying.

This product is a legal combination of style and durability. It features a splendid wooden grip that gives this gun its unique and realistic look. At the same time, it is one of the best Blank Firing Guns that you will ever find.

It is preferred for its loud report and ergonomic appeal. People also prefer it for its semi-automatic double-action mechanism.

Zoraki Front Fire M914 Silver With Wood Grips 9mm Blank Gun

Several other features of this gun are given below.
    • Its silver finish is what attracts the buyer.
    • It weighs as light as 1.8 lbs.
    • It is 4.75 inches tall and 6.05 inches long.
    • Its capacity is 14+1 shots and the caliber is 9mm P. A. K.

Get Our Blank Firing Guns in Your Arsenal:

So, stop giving a second thought on your decision. Stop putting a strain on your mind. Go grab these highly durable and exceptionally reliable professional blank firing guns right NOW.

Get on the field and enjoy some realistic shooting in a very safe manner. Also, use your blank guns for several different purposes such as theatrical production, cosplay, training and starting races! 

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