M1911 Airsoft - An Airsoft Handgun Silver Pistol

G153S M1911 Airsoft Spring Pistol Handgun Silver 1911
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The M1911 Airsoft pistol is spring powered. The handgun includes UK arms G153S pistol and sample bags of BBs. This Airsoft spring pistol handgun silver 1911 has a durable polymer construction making it a high end and quality gun product. This gun is fun to play, not costly and it doesn’t require batteries or gas to function, which make it the best choice for a beginner. All you require is BBs and you’re good to go!

  •     Spring Powered
  •     Durable Polymer Construction
  •     UK Arms G153S Pistol
  •     Sample Bag of BBs
  •     FPS: 170-220 FPS w/0.12g bbs
  •     Magazine Capacity: 12
  •     Gun Length: 8.25 inches

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