M82p Fully-Semi Automatic Airsoft Rifle

1D3-M82P - Full scale SIG 552 AEG by Double Eagle. Shoot up to 250 FPS, comes with red laser, cross hair scope, flash light, silencer, 7.2V (800 Mah) battery & charger, safety goggle, strap.
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The M82 features semi and full automatic firing modes so you can pick and choose your shots or you can go in guns blazing. The M82 also comes with all the accessories you need to finish the job including a silencer, front grip and flashlight. All you need to do is charge up the rechargeable battery and load the BB's and you are good to go. And don't worry about having to get batteries for the accessories because this gun already comes with them. The M82 Assault Rifle is ready to go out of the box.


  • Electric Powered
  • Solid Plastic Construction
  • Semi And Full Automatic Firing Modes
  • R.I.S.
  • Folding Stock
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Battery And Charger Included


  • M82 Assault Rifle
  • Silencer
  • Front Grip
  • Flashlight
  • Electronic Sight
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sling
  • BB Loader
  • 100 Sample BBs
  • 7.2V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Battery
  • 7.2V Charger


  • FPS: 200 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Size: 28 Inches

Electric Airsoft Rifles use batteries as their power source, they're usually fully automatic, and they shoot very fast. If you are looking for continuous fire fun, this is the type of Airsoft Gun for you - just hold down the trigger and watch those BBs stream out, one after the other, in a straight, swift line - which means fun and entertainment, plain and simple. This Electric Airsoft Rifle doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot.

Airsoft is a popular combat simulation game in which players are eliminated when hit by pellets. This game highly depends on honesty, where the player themselves have to call out when hit by the pellets since these pellets do not leave color marks like a paintball pellet. While the game requires skill to win, it also requires for you to have the best and latest gear. Get that extra edge for your airsoft battles, get the new M82 Fully-Semi Automatic Airsoft Rifle and decimate your foes. It has everything you need to win. The M82 is an electric powered airsoft rifle, used in league play, so no need to waste time by manually cocking the gun. It includes a 7.2V rechargeable battery and also a battery charger so you never run out of electric juice. 

Whether you are an amateur or an airsoft aficionado, this gun is for you. The M82 has a semi automatic mode for when you want to pick your enemies apart one by one and also a fully automatic mode for when you want to go full Rambo on your foes. You don’t have to worry about running out of ammo as this airsoft rifle has a capacity of 30 BB’s and comes with an additional 100 BB’s. This airsoft gun was made to tackle any obstacle you might face during your battles. The M82 has a total length of 28 inches but also has a folding stock for close quarter combat. That way it’s easier to maneuver and easier to retrieve quickly.

Adjustable hop-up system allows the BBs to backspin, thus reducing the air pressure and making the pellets travel farther. Has an electronic sight which means that whether there is fog or rain, you’ll never miss your target. The M82 airsoft gun was made to accommodate varying playstyles, from stealthy play to when you want to go in guns ablazing. Includes a silencer for you to creep up on your enemies and to stay undetected like an assassin. Keep your enemies guessing where you are as you take them down one by one, piece by piece.  A front grip insures your aim stays true and precise. Illuminate the arena with the attached high powered flashlight for a clear vision in darkness. Render your enemies blind by aiming the flashlight directly onto their eyes. Propels a .12g BB at 200fps and while this gun does pack a punch, we have included proper accessories and gear like goggles for safety.

All in all this is a steal at the given price so go get yours before they’re sold out!

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