Masquerade Halloween Costume - Halloween Can't Seem To Come Fast Enough

Scary Pirate Skull Hat Blood Stained Swords Mask For Cosplay Halloween Masquerade. Dimensions: 16.15 Inches X 16.15 Inches
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Part Number: 2L2-SI009
Features: Features a standard dimension of 16.15 X 16.15
Unisex mask
Blood stained sword mask
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One of our top priorities at Knives Deal is to make the world a better place; we do the little we can to contribute towards a better world. We do that by making sure we equip as many people as we can with our state of the art masquerade Halloween costumes. The key to running a successful business is to ensure that all your customers are well taken care of, and here at Knives Deal, we spare no expense in achieving that

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