Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius

Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius. 40 Inches overall in length. Includes scabbard.
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Want a real sword in your arsenal? Hey collectors, get this beautiful Roman Gladiator sword in your collection and update it with some real stuff. This is one of the best replica gladiator swords. So, if you want to be a gladiator, hold this sword and complete your gladiator costume! 

This Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword is an excellent collectible and decor item. In addition, it is perfect for LARP and movies. There is a real stainless steel blade but the blade is unsharpened and hence you can use it safely for cosplay and costume purposes. It comes with a nice scabbard to cover the blade and carry it comfortably. 

This gladius sword has a stainless steel blade with a length of 20 inches. The overall length of the sword is 40 inches. There is a leather scabbard with a belt to make it easy to carry around the shoulder. There is a guard and a simulated ivory handle! 

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Unsharpened
  • Guard has wood grain finish and brass toned accents
  • Simulated ivory handle
  • Hard leather scabbard with belt
  • Blade: 30"
  • Overall: 40"

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