Medieval Dagger

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Double Edge Dagger - One Edge Is Never Enough
BLACK KNIGHT - 11" Medieval Battle DAGGER Knife with Scabbard.5 1/4" 440 stainless steel blade. Metal ring handle with cast metal scabbard.
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Knife Sword - Is It A Sword? Is It A Knife?
Medieval Knights Templar Dagger Knife Sword. 17" overall with 10" blade.
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Knights Templar Iconic Dagger
13 1/4 Inches Overall in length Knights Templar Iconic Dagger. Includes a scabbard.
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King Solomon Short Sword Dagger 22 Inches Overall Includes Scabbard
King Solomon Short Sword Dagger 22 Inches Overall Includes Scabbard
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Spearhead - Grease It With The Blood Of Your Enemies
12 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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Medieval Spearhead - 14 Inches Of Madness
14 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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Spearhead Warrior - Pierce Your Enemies
16 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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Medieval Dagger- Walk Around with a Storyline

A few of our medieval daggers are designed to function as a Performance prop. These daggers are mostly used as Props for cosplay costumes in entertainment or a collector to display. Our new age medieval daggers make for an excellent example of beauty with its decorative details. These stainless steel knives have been given a mirror finish to make it gleam in the light. Some of the knives display a metal guard and black plastic handle, as well as its guard and accompanying black sheath

Medieval Dagger - Phantom, Rise from the Ashes

Our different sized medieval daggers feature one full edge and one partial edge on the reverse with a brief serration on the back edge just above the hilt. Zinc alloy caps take the place of a traditional guard and pommel and are decorated with thistles. Some of our Knives feature a black nylon fiber grip that has diagonal grooved lines down its length with a cast-metal plate set at the grips center showing a large thistle design. Our knives also feature a synthetic stone that imitates the once-valued cairngorm stones that decorated the original daggers. The sheath matches the dagger perfectly. These daggers are equal parts of defense and display, making them a wonderful addition to any weapons collection.

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