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Knights Templar Medieval Dagger. 19.5 inches overall in length
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Part Number: 5N2-SWD1015
Features: 19.50 inches overall length
5.75 inches guard length
Handle length equals 7 inches
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Knives Deal, keeping its promise, brings the most spectacular medieval daggers for sale. We provide an extensive variety of medieval swords and daggers, and here is a perfect piece of dagger for the enthusiasts and fans. The medieval knights used to carry massive daggers like these to battle their opponents on the battlefield. It is a huge dagger with a length around 20 inches, almost of a short sword. This Templar Medieval Dagger can be your ultimate choice whether you are looking for a self defense weapon, a medieval collectible, a knight's costumer for LARP or Halloween, or a piece of decor. The handle is 7 inches while the blade is almost 13 inches, making it a great dagger. 

This medieval dagger is more than just a glorified collector’s item, it’s a beast in the sheath, and you can only imagine how this knife functions when called to action. Place an order on this dagger today and find out for yourself. This dagger is in itself a piece of art; it couldn’t have been made any more perfectly. It comes with a strong leather sheath to cover the blade and carry it in a safe manner. The dagger also contains a pommel and a hand guard. Grab this masterpiece now at the cheapest price in the market. If you shop more and make your order higher than $99, you will get free shipping at your doorstep. We ship within 24 hours.

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