Halloween is not far away now and people are curious to find their costumes for the day. As September ends and October rises, people start searching for their costumes so that they dress up well on the famous Halloween Day which is October 31 in the US. On this special day, you would see people wearing medieval helmets, masks and different costumes. 

On Halloween, the aim is to dress up different from others. This is why everyone looks for a different and unorthodox costume that is key to receive appreciation from others. Cosplay events are organized in which cosplayers perform on the stage to entertain the audience. The idea is to adopt different characters by wearing their costumes. 

As Halloween is just around the corner, what have you decided to wear? If you haven’t made your mind yet, don’t worry. We have come up with certain splendid medieval helmets and Halloween costume ideas for you on this special occasion. 

Following are the items you can wear on this Halloween:

1. Renaissance Detachable Visor Barbute Medieval Helmet

Medieval era is the most memorable period of history. It starts from 5th century and ends at 15th century. Though the period ended a long time ago, but the items used during that period are still available. You can still dress up as a medieval knight at this Halloween to impress your mates. This medieval helmet is the best you would find in the market today. 

This helmet will make you look like a real warrior of Renaissance period. It has an Italian barbute style. By wearing this, you would pay a tribute to historic warriors. It would feel comfortable on your head since there is a comfortable leather liner. The helmet extends all the way down and allows you to cover your entire face. 

Made from 18 gauge, mild steel, it feels extremely real. There is a visor that can be removed for making it a real barbute. The visor features 24 holes so that you breathe comfortably. Since it is influenced by early Renaissance period helmets, you can become a representative of that particular time period. And if you are playing the role of a warrior as a cosplayer, this medieval helmet is your largest necessity.

2. Mini Medieval Knight Helmet

Talking about cosplay necessities, you need to completely dress up as the character you are portraying on the stage. If you miss a key thing, you would never be able to impress the spectators. As a cosplayer, you ideally want a round of applause from the audience. 

For this purpose, you should wear every item that has been worn by that particular character. If you are representing a medieval crusader, you can’t miss to have this mini medieval knight helmet. It can be one of the perfect Halloween costume ideas to impress everyone. Apart from costume, it can be used as a display item or decor item at office or house! 

This helmet was first developed during the 13th century. It was one of the long lasting helmets. It replicates the first ever Crusader Great Helmet that lasted 300 years. It is handmade with brass detailing. 16 gauge carbon steel is used for constructing it which makes it look real. It has an angular design with plenty of plates riveted together. Definitely a piece you would want on Halloween!

3. Gladiator Steel Medieval Helmet 

Would you like to be a gladiator on this Halloween? Gladiator is supposed to be the most skillful warrior, hence, you can express yourself as a great warrior on this special occasion. If you are aiming to dress up differently this time around, wear this gladiator medieval helmet. This is exactly the helmet a gladiator wore. It appears as a mask as well as a helmet. 

This functional gladiator helmet is made of polished steel. Hence, it is pretty solid and durable. A steel plume has been forged to the top of the helmet. This plume is stretched from the back to a certain point at the front. Indeed, one of the most gorgeous warrior helmets ever designed. This can be a great gift  and Halloween costume idea to your cosplayer friend as well. 

A warrior of medieval times used to wear a helmet that protected his face. This is the right sort of helmet for every warrior as it includes a functional bascinet for the protection of the wearer. A cosplayer pretending to be an ancient warrior during LARP can use this helmet to receive a standing ovation from the audience. So, wear this gladiator helmet to make this Halloween a memorable one for you!

4. 15th Century Steel Articulated Gorget 

A Gorget is something that sounds out of the box. Many people would have worn masks and medieval helmets, but this will be something unique. A gorget is not a helmet. Rather, it was worn around the chest. The ancient warriors, specifically those from the medieval era used to wear it for safeguarding their shoulders, neck and upper part of the chest. 

This gorget is inspired from a 15th century gorget, and is made of steel. It served as a protector against the sword strikes by the opponents. A real warrior should be equipped with every item that can defend him from the sword attacks. However, this gorget offers more than that. It covers the chin as well as the lower jaw. Hence, wearing this gorget means you have protected your face along with the neck and chest. 

Not just that this is a unique Halloween costume idea, the design of this gorget is also unorthodox. Several European armors are inspired from this particular design. You can make your Halloween special by wearing this gorget. After all, your aim is to appear different from others, hence, this is just the right choice to wear on Halloween.

5. Medieval Knight Breastplate Cuirass Body Armor

Since we are talking about warriors’ special wearables, here is a fantastic medieval armor. This is another necessity for a warrior if he wants to protect himself from the sword attacks. Why would you wear it on this Halloween? Well, first of all, it is a unique costume. Not many would be wearing such a costume that gives a feel of a real warrior. 

An armor refers to something that covers the body of a warrior. It was usually made of steel and allowed the warriors to prevent wounds caused by the swords and blades. It is sometimes known as a breastplate as well because it is the part of the body that it mainly covers. Inspired from a medieval armor of a knight, it looks like a solid armor. 

This can be another fine gift for your cosplayer friend. Most of the cosplayers need to play a medieval knight and your present would be a fulfillment of his needs. If you are looking for a costume for yourself, choose this Cuirass body armor to determine that you have a real warrior inside you.

6. Kettle Medieval Helmet

There is no lack of Halloween costume ideas if you are keen to dress up as a medieval knight. This is just another warrior’s costume that you can wear on Halloween. Kettle medieval helmet, as it sounds, is shaped like a kettle. But, it is a unique item that you can add to your Halloween costume collection. You can express yourself as a champion warrior by wearing this special medieval helmet.

You won’t find such an unorthodox shape of a medieval helmet in the market. Since you desire to become a completely different character on the special occasion, there is no better way of achieving this goal than wearing a kettle helmet. This does not just make you look like an ancient warrior, but also the king of the town.

7. Fantasy Predator Warrior Battle Mask

Cosplay masks are often the most in-demand things on Halloween. Every other person is searching for a mask as this special day comes closer. This is perhaps the most easy to find items. But, if you explore the market today, you would find a Predator Warrior Battle Mask which is indeed a masterpiece. 

Trying new things never costs that much. Wear this warrior mask and display yourself as a dominant predator. It would personify you as a person who is ruthless and dominant. Made of steel, it looks more like a medieval helmet than a mask. There are menacing cutouts for the eyes of the wearer. 

This predator mask is solidly constructed with 18 gauge mild steel. The solidity and durability makes it a real warrior mask. There is inner lining as well in order to make it comfortable for your face. Though it is not a helmet, but it can adjust right on your face. It comes with leather straps that can be tightened and loosened as per the requirement of your face. So, wear this special mask on Halloween and don’t forget to suggest it to your cosplayer mates.

8. Sword Cane

In this article, we have revealed every Halloween costume idea that alters your original appearance. Halloween is all about wearing strange things and doing unorthodox things. A sword cane is not exactly a costume, but it can be a part of your costume. Once you have worn a medieval helmet or a mask, you can hold a sword cane in your hands to express yourself as a bad guy of the town. 

Sword cane is another out of the box thing, and specifically suggested to those seeking different sort of items on this Halloween. As the name suggests, it is a cane which features an additional sword. However, the sword is covered inside the cane. Generally, it looks like a walking cane, but you can remove the cover to reveal a powerful sword.

Sword cane would let you receive the appreciation your deserve. Such unorthodox things always look magnificent on events like Halloween. People would forget everything and focus on this special item once you pull out a sword from a thing that was considered nothing more than a walking cane by the people.  

There are plenty of advantages that you can attain from this cane. Once Halloween is over, you are still not done with it. You can use a cane for walking and hiking and use the blade for self defense against the attackers.  

9. Foam Sword

Many people would be holding swords on this occasion. But, we recommend foam swords for many reasons. Notwithstanding the type of design of sword you buy, it must be made of foam. For example, you can get a foam-made katana sword to express yourself as a real Samurai warrior. 

Foam sword would be a safe option than steel bladed swords. You can easily carry a sword made of foam because it is lightweight and does not pose any threat. Foam is perhaps the softest material on earth. You can prevent any accidental injuries if you are using these foam made swords. 

Don’t think that these swords won’t look realistic. They are as realistic as steel swords but the advantage is that they are safer. You can easily display your skills as a swordsman to the public. In addition, you can present it to a cosplayer as a Halloween gift. So, after you have worn a warrior costume, get a foam sword to fulfill your costume needs. 

10. Foam Cosplay Shield

Having mentioned the essentials for a warrior, here is another one. Become a complete warrior by having every essential item. A medieval warriors wears a medieval helmet, medieval armor, holds a sword and a shield. Once you have worn the helmet and armor and held your sword, all you need to complete your costume needs is a cosplay shield.

A shield was a necessity for ancient warriors. It served as a defender for the warriors against the swords. Though they were made of steel, this cosplay shield is made of foam. However, it would look like a real shield that once medieval warriors used. A sword along with a shield will make you a real warrior.

Cosplay shields are available in plenty of different colors and styles. You can match the color scheme and style with your costume you are wearing. But, make sure to use a foam-made shield for your safety. Halloween is all about fun, and an injury would ruin your day. Both the sword and the shield should be made of foam. Ignore the realism and focus on enjoying Halloween! 

11. Fantasy Key Sword

Fantasy key sword, as the name suggests, is a sword shaped like a key. Though it is now a common thing on Halloween, but it never feels old-fashioned. It is actually a trend that would never get old. Fantasy swords appear more fabulous and beautiful than any other cosplay weapon on Halloween. 

People will set their sight on this specially designed sword. It is a replica sword inspired from the swords displayed in the popular fictional series known as “The Kingdom Hearts.” It looks like a giant key, but it is actually a sword. 

Fantasy characters are loved by all. We won’t believe a person existing in the real world and not liking this imaginary world. You can represent any of these loveable characters and the best way to do it is to get this key sword. You would certainly become a part of the fantasy world! 

12. Rubber Shuriken

Shuriken is one of the unorthodox Halloween costume ideas. It isn't exactly a costume, but it can be a part of your costume, specifically when you are attempting to become a ninja warrior. Almost everyone is familiar with these ancient Japanese warriors who were known for their unique style of battling their enemies. 

Ninjas used plenty of popular weapons such as katana sword and kunai knives, but shuriken received a lot of appreciation. Also known as ninja star, it served as a  tactical weapon against their enemies. It was thrown on the enemies before the war to gain an early advantage. It had the potential to cause injuries on the heads and feet of the enemies.

We don’t recommend real shuriken made of steel. Rather, we suggest rubber shuriken that are quite safe to use on Halloween. You can express yourself as a Ninja by using their iconic weapons like shuriken. 

Choose Your Halloween Costume Wisely!

Finally, we come to the point that we wanted to talk about. Many people are confused about the costume that they should be wearing on Halloween. To make sure you enjoy the occasion to a great extent and don’t ruin the day for you, choose your costume wisely. Our Halloween costume ideas above are enough to blow your mind! 

Whether you are wearing medieval helmet, armor or any other costume, it must truly present your character. If there is a warrior inside you, don’t be afraid to hold a foam sword and wear appropriate warrior cosplay costume. By appropriate, we mean wear everything like a helmet, armor and hold a sword as well as a shield in your hand. This is the way to dress up! Good luck and Happy Halloween!