Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black

Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black, Made of 16-gauge steel
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This replica armor is inspired from Medieval Roman body armor. It was first worn by the Greek hoplite. The generals and emperors used to wear this armor. In black, this is a beautiful body armor. It can be a perfect collectible and gift for medieval enthusiasts. In addition, it is used in movies and LARP. Moreover, you can use it as a decor item. You can use a wooden display stand to display it as a decor item!

This Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor is a quality armor made of 16 gauge steel. It is a durable and quality item and made to fit the torso to make the wearer appear in a perfect human physique. 

There are leather straps that can adjust the armor perfectly around the waist. It features a very simple ornamentation and a great piece for collectors and enthusiasts. There is a breastplate attached to the back plate. It is ideal for cosplay and LARP. 

  • An excellent replication of ancient Greek armour
  • Leather straps included to secure the cuirass
  • Features simple ornamentation
  • An impressive display piece or collectors item
  • Makes for a great medieval gift idea
  • Made of 16-gauge steel
  • One size fits most adults.
Stand in not included with the purchase.

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