Micro USB Self Defense Stun Gun Rechargeable With LED Light Keychain

Micro USB Self Defense Stun Gun Rechargeable With LED Light Keychain
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Micro USB Self Defense Stun Gun Rechargeable With LED Light Keychain

According to FBI’s report, in 2013 alone an estimated 1,163,146 violent crimes occurred nationwide. The list includes rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and carjacking. Don’t let the delusion fool you that it can’t happen to you. So, the million dollar question is:


Are you ready?


Because of these offenses, self-defense should be the priority of every man and woman. Unfortunately, not everyone can learn the ninja moves like they showed you in Charlie's Angels.


But What if….


There was something small enough to be hooked to your keychain, yet strong enough to keep the most brawny and most vicious of the predators at bay?


It’s the MICRO USB Rechargeable Stun Gun. Compact, portable, elegant, yet extremely easy to use and powerful. Made of aluminum, it’s not only very lightweight but also super durable. And the best part is, it looks just like a regular memory stick and also makes for an ideal keychain. 


Here are some of its amazing features:



  • Built in LED Bright Flash Light, and Key Ring High power in a compact stun gun
  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery charged via micro USB cable
  • Features Key chain
  • Unique sliding design to activate stun feature with a flick of a thumb
  • Overall dimensions: 3.38" x 1" x .63"
  • Life-time warranty


This is the most devastatingly effective tool for you to get out in a bind. Thanks to the rugged build, it will withstand anything you throw at it, without any signs of wear and tear.

All in all, getting the MICRO USB Rechargeable Stun Gun is one of the smartest and most discreet ways to ensure that you’ll never get caught unguarded, no matter what you do for a living or where you live. To top that off, the life time warranty means you’re protected for life. 

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