MTech Tactical Black Carbon Steel Handcuff Double Locking + 2 Keys

The MTech Double-Lock Handcuffs are one of the surest ways to prevent picking and tampering and ensure the safety of the individual on both sides of the cuffs. These heavy duty handcuffs, made of carbon steel or heavy duty aluminum, are an excellent addition to any self defense arsenal. It comes with a set of keys.
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These MTech handcuffs are the best you will find ever! Made of carbon steel, these look like real police handcuffs. MTech provides a significant amount of cuffs and these are among their masterpieces. In black color they look fantastic and are ideal collectibles for any collector and enthusiast out there!

These are two pieces of cuffs and can be locked and unlocked. They are connected with a chain and come with keys to lock and unlock them. You can use these carbon steel MTech handcuffs for self defense as well. Arrest the attackers and take them to the police. 

These MTech double lock handcuffs are heavy duty and made of carbon steel. These are durable and promise to last longer than your expectation. They can serve as a way to keep yourself prevented from the attackers and criminals. So, get these handcuffs in your collection that can be used for self defense and LARP as well. 

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