MTech USA Self Cocking 80 lb. Draw Pistol Crossbow Metal Body

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Designed for target practice and small game hunting, this pistol crossbow from MTech USA Crossbow features an 80-pound draw and fires crossbow arrows at speeds of 160 FPS (feet per second). This self-cocking crossbow has an all-metal body and includes three aluminum bolts. By simply pulling down on a pivoting arm lever, this crossbow's cable is cocked much more easily, even engaging the safety automatically. The speediness of the new cocking mechanism shortens reload time, allowing you to get off more shots quickly. We also recommend applying rail lube often to your crossbow's rail slide and wax to your string to decrease the friction that can hurt your string. It's also recommended to check the tightness of your crossbow's screws often as vibration can loosen them overtime. It measures 20-inches overall. 

  • Pistol-style, self-cocking crossbow with all-metal body
  • 80-pound draw; fires crossbow arrows at speeds of 160 FPS (feet per second)
  • Speedy cocking mechanism shortens reload time
  • Includes three aluminum bolts
  • 20-inch overall length

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