brass knuckles

If you are in search of a multipurpose weapon, you must have heard of brass knuckles. People literally love these for their ability to serve a number of distinct purposes. You must now be wondering that how can these ordinary brass knuckles serve you in numerous ways.

This article is here to let you find answers to all the what's, ifs, and how's that are constantly disturbing you. Simply read this article till the end and you will be amazed to know about the best ways of using a brass knuckle. So, let's begin.

1. Paperweight:

One of the classiest ways of using this tool is to use it as a paperweight. It is basically crafted out of heavy metal and is quite heavy. This feature, in turn, makes it an ideal choice for this purpose.

Besides that, this utility of this weapon is highly suited to career-oriented people who love it for its finish and charm. Just imagine these Brass knuckles resting on your working desk.

Are you already excited to grab these knuckles for this purpose? This idea is also going to serve as an inspiration for people in your surroundings.

brass knuckles paperweight

Everyone is going to get impressed by your sense of creativity. Isn't it an amazing way to use this historic weapon?

2. Defensive Tool:

If you are someone who is living under the threat of an emergency attack, you must carry brass knuckles with you. The exceptional abilities of this metal tool will protect you in the best possible way.

Another noteworthy feature is that you don’t even need to worry about carrying this tool. You can simply wear it around your knuckles and use it in times of need. It will intensely increase your punching power making the opponent unable to comprehend the entire scenario.

Apart from that, this best self defense weapon attack will be a grand surprise for the attacker. It is because people don’t generally view brass knuckles as powerful weapons. So, don't you want to stay safe all the time? I am sure you do it. Therefore, buy these knuckles at your earliest convenience.

3. Decorative Item:

Whether it's your home or your workplace, the décor is what truly adds charm to a building made out of bricks. That is why you must not intend to turn a blind eye to this aspect.

If you are someone who is very choosy about picking decorative items, you must choose brass knuckles. These are unique high-quality crafts that are truly capable of multiplying the beauty and class of your space.

If you don’t believe it, you must try it out. You will be surprised to receive compliments from everyone. Thus, are you ready to make this metal weapon a part of your life? If not, keep reading. You are soon going to fall in love with it.

4. Gift Item:

Do you know that your grandpa was once a great admirer and collector of brass knuckles? Has he ever told you about his attachment with this historic tool? If yes, what are you waiting for? 

Go, grab your favorite knuckle from a nearby weapon market and gift it to him on his upcoming birthday.

Wait! Are you now thinking about your best friend? Is he also fond of the rising trend of brass knuckles? Well, there again, you must present it to him as well. You will be amazed to see the smile, sentiments, and joy on their faces.

brass knuckles

Are you already thinking about that precious moment? We can understand your thirst for making your loved ones happy.

5. Fighting Tool:

Street Fighting has its own distinct worth and importance in the hearts of enthusiastic fighters. Their zeal and zest together with their urge to win are what compels them to use brass knuckles.

These knuckles not only enhance their punching abilities but also enrich their souls with confidence and courage. This is where the magical potential of this weapon lies. Fighters immensely admire this tool as their best companion and trust this tool for winning the fights.

And so, if you are also attracted to this art of fighting, you must first improve your abilities with this splendid weapon. Are you already on your way to the nearest weapon market?

6. Accessory:

Fashion is not just another business, it is rather a sense that dwells within you. If you are among the ones who are blessed with this incredible sense, you must know the worth of awesome self defense weapons.

Over the years, these tools have established themselves as a prominent fashion accessory. Basically, these knuckles are highly capable of going well with almost all your outfits. Whether you are wearing your favorite denim or a shimmery sequin outfit, just wear these along.

You will surely be the star wherever you will go. And then, there is no harm in buying such a worthy accessory. So, are you ready to spark up the charm of your personality?

7. Automobile Accessory:

Automobile lovers are always conscious about styling their vehicles in the best possible way. This is another occasion where these knuckles are put to use. Yes, you have read it right.

People are now using these brass knuckles as an automobile accessory. Knuckle door handles, knuckle steering, knuckle hand brake covers, and knuckle shades, everything is in trend.

Are you also getting curious to make this a part of your vehicle? Then, what are you waiting for? Get one for you and incorporate it into your vehicle by consuming the best of your creative skills.

You will love the output for sure. Share this idea with your friends as well. They'll thank you later.

8. DIY Projects:

Do it yourself is one of the most popular trends these days. These ideas save you from spending your hard-earned money over products that you can easily create on your own.

The internet is currently flooded with ideas to use knuckle dusters in various DIY projects. For instance, you can easily use these to make a vintage-looking candle stand.

Or you may use it as a coaster under your favorite vintage mug. Another good idea is to get it framed. It will then serve as a delicate piece of art on your wall. Simply surf the internet and collect ideas. Use those best self defense weapon ideas together with your creativity to come up with something different.

9. Weapon Collection:

If you are a weapon collector, this tool is something that you really need to buy once. Its historic worth is splendid and it is your utmost responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

This act will also multiply the worth of your entire collection as one of these knuckles are one of the coolest weapons that you will ever find. Just buy it once and you will yourself admire its distinctive charm.

In fact, go visit a weapon market near you and find these over there. You will not be as to resist the urge to invest in these weapons.

10. Belt Buckle:

Remember the knuckles that you once randomly purchased? Are they still testing in your drawer? Are you finding the best possible ways to use them? If yes, a good idea is to use them as a belt buckle.

Whether it's a belt on your leather bag or a belt on your wrist, this buckle will leave others in awe. Don't you want to be eye candy? Are you seeking someone's attention? Play this trick and you'll be amazed at the results. People will surely cherish you as a fashionista.

belt buckle knife

I bet, you are already wondering to live that moment.

11. Bottle Opener:

Wearing a knuckle can potentially help and serve you in a number of challenging situations. Apart from hitting your opponent with this weapon, you can also use it as a bottle opener.

Imagine yourself hosting a party where you have forgotten to bring a bottle opener? What are you going to do in that miserable situation?

Most of you will panic and surrender to the consequences of this mistake. But those who wear knuckles will not have to worry much. They will open up the bottles with these tools. Isn't it an amazing example of the utility of this tool in your life? You must have already made your mind on buying these.


Therefore, brass knuckles are not just ordinary fighting or defensive weapons. In fact, these are great day-to-day tools that one must carry all the time. So, hurry up and buy your desired knuckle duster today!